Tuesday, June 18, 2024

June Meal Plans: Week 2 Review and Week 3 Meal Plan

This was my meal plan for June Week 2:

Brunches:  Egg salad sandwiches✔, cold cuts sandwiches✔, salads, scrambled eggs and fried potatoes, banana/blueberry muffins, maybe pancakes or waffles✔, again.

Dinners:  Leftover chicken drumsticks with salad✔and potatoes or corn; leftover shrimp curry and chick pea curry with rice and snowpeas✔; spaghetti with ground turkey sauce and salad✔, coconut roti or yogurt flat bread and chicken curry. Rice and curries from friend S; frozen burrito; pizza, fried breaded shrimp; leftovers✔,

Snacks/Desserts:  Fresh fruit✔, yogurt✔, crackers with cheese✔, peanut butter, granola bars, cereal, roasted cashews✔,

Here's how that worked out:

Brunch - Egg salad sandwich
Dinner - Broiled chicken drumsticks and salad
Snacks - Peaches, chocolate wafer cookies

Brunch - Cold cuts sandwich 
Dinner - Rice and curry from my friend S; yogurt for dessert

Brunch - Leftovers from Tuesday's dinner
Dinner - A frozen burrito (reheated in the microwave, of course)
Snacks - Peaches, chocolate wafer cookies

Brunch - Egg salad sandwich
Dinner - Freshly cooked rice with leftover curries
Snacks - Peaches, yogurt

Brunch - Fried rice with ground turkey mixture
Dinner - The last two slices of pizza I had in the freezer
Snacks - Peaches, cashews

Brunch - Waffles with blueberry compote
Dinner - Spaghetti and meat sauce (ground turkey cooked with vegetables, a jar of pasta sauce) 
Snacks - Peaches, yogurt, chocolate wafers

Brunch - Leftover spaghetti and sauce
Dinner - Fried breaded shrimp, salad
Snacks - Cheese and crackers, peaches

I went quite a bit off the meal plan when it came to both brunches and dinners, didn't I?  Partly because friend S brought me dinner one day (with enough leftovers for another meal or two), and partly because, some days, I didn't feel like eating what I had planned.  But, I think that's OK.  I like having that flexibility.

So, onto this week's meal plan!

June Week 3 Meal Plan:

Brunches: Scrambled egg and fried potato (Monday), French toast, waffles, maybe pancakes, tuna salad and crackers, leftovers

Monday Brunch: Scrambled Egg and 
Fried Potatoes (with some green bell peppers)

Dinners:  Leftover broiled chicken drumstick and salad (Monday); leftover spaghetti and meat sauce; yogurt flat bread and chicken curry (from the freezer); rice and chicken curry; leftovers 

Monday Dinner: Chicken and Salad
with Honey Mustard Dressing

Snacks: Peaches and other fresh fruits, maybe fruit salad, yogurt, cheese and crackers, 

Once again, this week's meal plan is based on what I have on hand.  I am not yet sure if I will go grocery shopping this week or wait until next week.  If there are some great sales, then, I will grocery shop this week; if not, I can wait until next week.  

Did you meal plan last week?  If so, did you keep to your meal plan?  Are you making a meal plan this week?


  1. Flexibility is indeed the name of the game in almost any situation.

    1. Yes. My meal plans are more of a list of meals I could prepare in a given week, without any special grocery shopping for ingredients. That works best for me. :)

  2. Your meals sound delicious. I like the salad with grapes and berries. I never think of that when I’m making salads.
    The meal plan this week is leftover steak and potato salad, hamburgers and potato salad, chicken breast with peppers, onions, and rice one night and in tacos another night, pasta with zucchini and tomatoes, and then pasta with whatever vegetables and meat are left in the refrigerator. We’ll have salads as long as the lettuce lasts. Husband has a work party one night.
    I always plan meals for the week, but it doesn’t bother me to rearrange things as long as I use or freeze food without wasting.

    1. Thank you, Taconix. I like to add fruit to my salads (mostly because I prefer fruits to vegetables!) :D
      I think your meal plan for the week sounds delicious. No one will go hungry at your house with such wonderful meals being planned. :)

  3. I think you do well with your meal plans even if they are subject to change depending on gifts of meals from you friends and how you feel on the day,

    1. Thank you, Eileen. Yes, the flexibility of the meal plan works well for me. :)

  4. Your meals always sound so delicious. Yet again, I've got out of my meal planning habit, so thank you for the inspiration. Xx

    1. Thank you, Jules, and you are very welcome. :)

  5. Another week of delicious food at Chez Bless.
    I love those little fried potatoes you make. You chop them so small.
    I hope you drank water and didn't cramp :)

    1. Thank you, Debra.
      Maybe I should call them diced potatoes. It's one of my favorite ways to have potatoes. :) No, my hands didn't cramp cutting the potatoes, but, they cramped, yesterday, when I was crocheting! Need to drink more water!


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