Thursday, November 14, 2019

Doctor's Appointment on Thursday

I woke up this morning to the news that there has been yet another school shooting, this time, in California.  How did someone who turned 16, today, get hold of a gun?

In the afternoon, I went to my doctor's appointment.  It was a routine follow-up appointment with the radiation oncologist.  Everything was fine, although my blood pressure was low.  The doctor checked me out and said it was OK.  I am to return in three months for another check up (I will have another three appointments with my other doctors in between).

I aired out the house and watered the back garden, after I came home.  Still need to water the indoor plants.  I've been watching news all evening.  At one point, the electricity went off, but, it came back on after just a few minutes.  Neighbor T called to check on me, afterwards, which was very sweet of her.

Today, I am grateful for:
- The doctor's appointment went well
- A safe drive there and back
- Fresh lemonade made with lemons from my garden
- An abundance of pineapple guavas
- Parking validation at the doctor's office

Plans for tomorrow include watching more House hearings and tending to the garden with M in the evening.

How was your Thursday?  What are your plans for Friday?


  1. Friday is busy - in school with play costumes then arranging flowers in church

    1. You are a very busy lady! Hope you were able to get some rest, as well.

  2. Glad to hear your appointment went well.

    I'm using Friday to rest up and fully recover from whatever it was that kept me to my bed on Thursday. I have to be well for Saturday as I'm off to London for the day ... I bought the tickets months ago so can't miss it now!

    1. Sorry to hear you didn't feel well on Thursday. Hope you were able to rest on Friday and are well enough to travel to London on Saturday.

  3. Another good doctor's appointment. Hurray!

  4. Lovely to have an uneventful appointment with your oncologist! You have a kind neighbour, too.

    We have a lot of wind this morning but the temperature is just above zero celsius, although with wind chill it is not a day to go for a relaxing walk. Plenty to do indoors anyway. It's a day to putter around and maybe do some of those little tasks that always get put off.

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. Yes, it was good to have an uneventful doctor's visit and T is, indeed, very kind. Hope you had a good day, spending time indoors. Hope you have better weather over the weekend and can go for a walk, then.


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