Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Tuesday: May Grocery Shopping - Week 4

Today's wake up call came courtesy of Dancer, who meowed and meowed in a most pathetic way: "Meow, wake up, Mummy, I'm hungry, I haven't had breakfast yet, I haven't eaten since last night and that was yesterday, meow, I don't want the kibbles, I want some tuna, meow, wake up and give me tuna, Mummy, meow, aren't you awake, yet?".  I actually thought something might be wrong with him, the way he was meowing!  So, yes, I got up and gave him his tuna (he sure has me trained, doesn't he?).  He scoffed it up and settled down for his morning nap:

Nap Time
In this photo, behind him, are the stack of plastic drawers that should go to the spare/crafts room (once I make space for it) and the two shelving units that sit under the kitchen pass-through counter.  At one time, I used to have two bar stool type chairs at that counter, but, eventually, I got rid of them.  The shelving units used to be in my daughter's room and held her books until she needed taller bookcases.  Now they are being used as storage shelves and are due a good sorting.  Or, at the very least, I should get some attractive storage bins!  But, that's another project for another day.

In the afternoon, I went to the pharmacy to pick up my medication refills and then, I went to the Armenian grocery store to take advantage of this week's sales and the one-day-only Tuesday specials:

5/28 Groceries
Roasted, salted cashews were on sale for $4.99/lb., this week, which is an excellent price, as cashews have been selling for $7.99/lb., recently.  I splurged and bought four packets of them!  I am definitely dipping into my June grocery budget!

Cherries were $.79/lb. as part of their Tuesday specials.  Although I had some cherries leftover from when I bought some, earlier, on Friday, I decided to buy some, today, as well.

The other items I bought were all weekly specials.  Cucumbers were 5 for $1.00; lettuce was $.50 each, apples were $.39/lb. (for the large Red Delicious; other types and sizes cost more), and apricots were $.79/lb.

5/28 Receipt
My total came to $20.99

My May grocery budget was $75 + $6.40 carried over from April = $81.40

Spent to date: $15.72 + $1.50 + $32.92 +  $21.02 + $1.99 (oil; on 5/15) + $2.50 (bananas, crackers, popcorn on 5/19) + $8.58 + $20.99 = $105.22

Balance left in the budget = $81.40 - $105.22 = - $23.82

I will be deducting the $23.82 from my June grocery budget.  My June grocery budget will be $75 - $23.82 = $51.18.  Or, I could just say that I paid for today's groceries from June's budget and I have $51.18 left in the June grocery budget.

After I came home, I emptied the dishwasher, put away the laundry from yesterday, did the dusting, and did more file clearing.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Dancer is meowing, even if it meant he woke me up with his meowing!
- Another sunny day
- Refills were ready without any drama at the pharmacy
- Being able to dip into next month's grocery budget to take advantage of this week's specials
- Bargains at the grocery store

Tuesday's To Do List:
- Dust - living room, dining area, family room, my bedroom - DONE
- Errands: grocery shopping - DONE
- Water the house plants - DONE
- More paperwork/file clearing - DONE

Wednesday's To Do List:
- Doctor's appointment (radiation oncologist - follow-up)
- Vacuum
- Clean the bathrooms 
- Do one decluttering/organizing task in the spare room (file clearing)

How was your Tuesday?  How did you do with your May grocery budget?  


  1. I love cashews so I think stocking up during a sale of them is totally worth dipping into next month's budget. :) So happy that you had an uneventful trip to the pharmacy. That doesn't happen very often.

    1. I was laughing to myself because I had a surplus in the grocery budget in April and had to dip into June's budget in May! But, that's how it goes, some months. Yes, it's nice to be able to go to the pharmacy and pick up my medications without a fuss, isn't it? I need to make a note of it when that happens, because, otherwise, those other times tend to overshadow the times when things do go well.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, he is, although, this morning, he had thrown up all over the family room rug!

  3. I think either deducting or claiming you have money left in the June budget works! I actually have a yearly budget and don't stick to a monthly one very often. It allows me to take advantage of stock up prices a feel no guilt.
    Hope today is a good day for you!

    1. I am glad I have the option of doing so, Anne. I feel blessed that I have money on hand to take advantage of the sales, that I don't actually have to wait until the 1st of the month to receive that month's grocery money. Otherwise, I would not have been able to stock up!

      Thank you; hope you are having a good day, too.


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