Saturday, May 11, 2019

Rain on Friday

It rained on Friday morning!  The weather forecast had said 30% chance of rain and so, I didn't think we'd actually get any rain, but, it rained in the morning!  Of course, I slept right through it!  LOL!  It had ceased by the time I woke up, but the road was wet and the garden looked well watered!  What a blessing!

I woke up when cousin P phoned.  She had hung up before I could answer the phone, but I called her back, a bit later, and she confirmed that we had a good shower of rain.

I spent a quiet rest of the morning and early afternoon.  I found out that my late friend's daughter had her second baby, 6 weeks prematurely, but, both mother and baby are doing well and the best part is, baby was born on her grandmother's birthday!

I had a bowl of my chicken soup for lunch, put away the washed dishes from Thursday, did two loads of laundry (dried both loads in the dryer, I'm afraid), tidied the family room and swept it, and bagged up the canned foods and pasta to leave by the mail box for the postal workers' food drive.  The 32 cans and 10 packages of pasta filled two big bags.

Canned Goods and Pasta for the Food Drive
In the early evening, friend M came over to do the garden.  He brought me a big plant bulb, the size of a large turnip, which he said was a squill plant bulb, and we planted it in the front garden.  Then, I chatted with him and pulled a few weeds while he reconfigured one of the planting circles in the back yard.  I had about 10 rose bushes growing in that circle, at one time, but, now, there are only four rose bushes left in that circle.  It was time to make the circle smaller and let the grass grow over the rest of it.  I mentioned to him that I had added some of the home grown radishes to my chicken soup and gave him one of the bowls of soup that I had frozen.  He texted me back, later, to say it was delicious. 

After that, I watched some news and a TV program or two.  Cousin P called while I was watching TV and said her daughter had made some pasta with chicken and to come outside so she could give me some.  So, I walked across the street to her house and accepted a container of pasta, which I had for my dinner.

When I was folding the laundry, I happened to look outside and saw this mourning dove, eating something (probably a stray piece of cat food).   The photo is taken through the sliding glass door as I didn't want to open the door and disturb it.

Mourning Dove
I couldn't decide if it was being very brave or just foolhardy, because, it was being watched:

Mama Cat and Kittens
One of the garden strays and her kittens - I guess Mama Cat was too comfy with her two kittens napping next to her to stalk the mourning dove.

Although, just a couple of days ago, she was very curious about a little fledgling mockingbird that was hopping about the garden.  I heard a bit of a commotion in the garden that day, with mockingbirds screeching and cats meowing and the neighbor's dog barking.  When I went to see what was happening, I saw the baby mockingbird running for cover under the bushes, followed by two cats who were very interested in it.  The parent mockingbirds were sounding the alarm and dive bombing to attack the cats who were meowing in protest at being attacked and the neighbor's dog barked when the cats meowed!

Parent Mockingbirds
I went outside to chase the cats away from the baby bird and was scolded by the parent birds for my efforts!

"Don't get near my baby!"

Then, when they tried to attack me, I quickly retreated back to the house!  LOL!  This next picture was taken from behind the safety of the sliding glass door:

Mockingbird on top of the peach tree

Not quite a partridge in a pear tree, but, close enough? 

Later in the evening, I video chatted with my daughter and corresponded with a friend.   Today's joyful activity was watching a video my daughter sent me.

On Friday, I was grateful for:
- More rain for the garden (it's raining again, as I type this!)
- My late friend's daughter and her baby are doing well
- Being able to donate food to the food drive
- M bringing me another plant for the garden
- Daughter is doing well at her new job

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for Saturday?


  1. I’ve never heard of a squill plant so had to google it ... very pretty.

    I think I’d want to stay behind the glass doors if there was a risk of the parent birds attacking me.

    1. It was the first time I'd heard of squill plants, too, Eileen. I am hoping it will grow well in my garden. :)

  2. The rain is horrible! It just needs to stop!

    1. I saw some of the flooding on the news. Stay safe if you go out driving in this weather!

  3. I love to watch the mockingbirds when something is to close to their nest or fledgling. They are fearless warriors!
    We have doves nesting under our deck so I hear them cooing every morning and evening, between them, the tree frogs, and crickets we are treated to a concert every single night.

    1. They really are fearless, aren't they? Sounds like you've quite a chorus to serenade you! :)

  4. Thank goodness those parent birds were looking out for their youngster or those mean cats would have followed it into the bushes. Too bad they misinterpreted your help in protecting their baby!

    The flooding worsens here and I didn't even go down the end of our road to look today because I find it disturbing to see the water so high. The poor people who live nearby have to see it all the time. Tomorrow I will take a look again. DH says the river is up much higher than before but some more people have been sandbagging. A town 30 miles down from us is in crisis mode and it is the worse flooding since nearly 60 years ago and may surpass that historic level.

    1. I guess the parent birds didn't need my help, after all. It was funny to hear the cats complain about being pecked by the birds!

      I'm sorry to hear about all the flooding. I hope the homes are OK. This year, it seems everyone is getting a lot of rain and flooding!

  5. Oh you did well on the food drive, I completely forgot to put out the few things I had set aside as we were leaving Saturday a.m., only remembering when we reached out destination. Lots going on outside your house which reminds me that on our way back on Sunday, hubby saw a little baby opossum all alone along the side of the road, which he thought strange. Alas, 100 yards up the way momma opossum had become road kill. I hope the little one made his way into the woods so he would stand some chance.

    1. Thank you, Susanne. A couple of years ago, I was too late setting out the bag of food and they didn't collect it! This time, I put them out the night before! Aw, the poor baby opossum! I have some possums that come to my backyard to eat the cat food, from time to time.


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