Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Grocery Shopping and Errands on Tuesday

5/14 Groceries
I spent a quiet, relaxed morning, today.  Then, in the afternoon, I ran errands and did some grocery shopping.  First, I went to the pet supplies store and bought two 30 lb. buckets of kitty litter refill and a 6 months supply of flea prevention medication.

After that, I went to the Armenian grocery store and bought:

Store 1
1+ lbs. beef steak (3 pieces) @$2.99/lb = $4.62
Onions @ $.25/lb = $.55
Tomatoes @ $.69/lb = $1.75
2 Zucchini @ $.39/lb = $.28
3 Persian cucumbers @ 3lb/$1 = $.21
1 lettuce = $.50
4 apples @ $.49/lb = $.67
3 bananas @ $.49/lb = $.48
1 frozen chocolate cheesecake (!) = $6.49
Total = $15.55

I had been eyeing that cheesecake for the past several weeks, every time I went grocery shopping at this store!  Today, I gave into temptation and bought it!  I know I shouldn't have, but I couldn't resist it any longer!

Then, I went to the regular grocery store to take advantage of their weekly specials (strawberries and eggs), it being the last day for this week's specials.  I also needed to buy cat food.

I bought:

Store 2:
2 lb. strawberries = $1.99
1 doz. eggs = $1.49
1/2 gal. milk = $1.99
Total = $5.47

In addition, I bought two 16 lb. bags of cat food, at $10.49 each, but that is not part of my grocery budget.

Today's grocery spending came to $15.55 + $5.47 = $21.02

Store 1 Receipt

Store 2 Receipt

My May grocery budget is $75 + $6.40 carried over from April = $81.40

Spent to date: $15.72 + $1.50 + $32.92 +  $21.02 = $71.16
Balance left in the budget = $81.40 - $71.16 = $10.24

I had pancakes with fish curry for brunch, today, before I went grocery shopping.  After I came home, I had a banana and a piece of the cheesecake, along with a cup of tea.  The cheesecake was very delicious, but, I think I need to give a portion of it to my neighbor and freeze the rest of it!  LOL.

I watched some news and a TV program (NOVA on public TV), did the dishes/ran the dishwasher, and wiped the kitchen counters.  Cousin P called and, afterwards, I called friend R to check on her.

Today, I am grateful for:
- A sunny, warm day (afternoon high of 77F)
- Being able to run errands
- The car started without any problems
- Phone calls with family and friends
- Video chatting with my daughter

Tuesday's To Do List:
- Bring the trash cans in - DONE
- Do the dishes - DONE
- Pet supply store for more kitty litter and flea prevention meds - DONE
- Grocery store - DONE
- Dusting - STARTED

Wednesday's To Do List:
- Finish the dusting
- Vacuum
- Tidy my bedroom
- Do an organizing task in the spare room

How was your Tuesday?  How is your May grocery budget coming along?


  1. We also buy a lot of fruit abd veggies, but I prefere to bake cheesecake myself, the frozen vetsoon seems delicious🙂

    1. I, too, prefer the cheesecake I bake, myself, but I haven't made one in a long time! This one was very good, though, and it satisfied a craving. :)

  2. I’ve completely fallen off of the grocery budget, but I can start again next month. I did get four free bottles of salad dressing + an $8 reimbursement for trying them and writing my opinion. So I’ve been buying lettuces on the way home each day.

    1. Free salad dressings are a good thing. You can try to minimize the amount you go over your budget for the rest of this month (after all, we still have 2 more weeks to go), and start again, next month.

    2. I definitely didn’t spend over the amount, I just fell off the bandwagon with keeping tract

    3. Sorry, I misunderstood!

  3. I do the same thing with food treats as you did with the cheese cake. I think about them for a while and finally one day buy or make them. Not the best, but I figure that I got at least of couple of weeks of better eating before I gave in.

    1. I try to not give in to temptation when I see desserts and snacks like potato chips, but, it is hard! I wish I craved salads and vegetables, instead! LOL.

  4. Cheesecake caught my eye! I love cheesecake :) Since I went grocery shopping by myself last Friday, my grocery budget is much better than when DH goes with me.

    1. Ha, ha, it is a favorite with me, too! Maybe you need to grocery shop by yourself, each time! :D

  5. What is it about other people's shopping? It fascinates me to see what others have bought. I know from various blogs that many of us are the same!

    1. I don't know, but I, too, love reading about other people's grocery shopping! I guess we all want to know what others are eating?

  6. What does it say about us that the stuff that is good for us like fruits and veggies are so inexpensive compared to the stuff that is bad for us like cheesecake? But I think if you passed it by and waited, that you deserve a second piece before freezing the rest.

    1. I really should have stuck to the fruits and veggies. None of the cheesecake actually made it to the freezer, I'm afraid! :o


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