Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Rain on Tuesday

Soggy Garden

Tuesday was another rainy day,  Mostly light rain slowing down to a drizzle, but, every now and then, it would rain quite hard.  I put on my old raincoat and brought in the trash cans and checked the mail.

Afterwards, I made myself a nice brunch of French toast, bacon, and a glass of juice drink (lemon juice, orange juice, and a little bit of passionfruit juice, diluted with water and sweetened with sugar) 

French Toast for Brunch

I made enough French toast and bacon for Wednesday's brunch, too.  Dinner was a bowl of soup, followed by chicken curry and the last yogurt roti.  I had another slice of the fruit cake for dessert.

Poor Dancer had some indigestion and threw up several times this morning (I'm so glad I have mostly hardwood floors that can be wiped up fairly easily, although he did throw up on the area rug in the family room!)  There were no signs of hairballs, so, I have no idea what was wrong.  He seems to have recovered from whatever it was and has been eating his canned tuna and beef pate without any problems.  

I took a peek at this week's grocery ads and there aren't any good sales, which is a little disappointing.  Oh, well, I have plenty of groceries on hand to wait another week or so to do my shopping.

On Tuesday, I was grateful for:

- More rain for the garden
- Working appliances (heater, stove, fridge, etc.)
- Having electricity
- Phone calls, texts, and emails from family and friends
- Weekly trash collections

Tuesday's joyful activities included reading and crocheting.

I've no specific plans for Wednesday.  It's gardener M's usual day to tend to the garden, but, I'm not sure how much he can do in the rain!  I might tell him to take the day off.

How was your Tuesday?  What are your plans for Wednesday?


  1. Tuesday was a quiet day and Wednesday looks to be shaping up the same. It’s still cold , below freezing, but no precipitation is expected until Thursday.
    I cut our old clothes (which are too worn to donate) into rags so there’s always a large stack available to clean up the detritus of our aging pets’ daily misadventures. 🙄
    The grocery store circular was not interesting, but the ad for different store comes out on Thursday and maybe that will be better.
    Your brunch looks delicious. I think I’ll make french toast on Sunday. Mmm 😋

    1. Quiet days are good, too, aren't they? I hope you don't get a ton of snow on Thursday; the weather forecasters said that the storm we've just had is headed north east.
      That's a very good use for worn out clothing. :)
      I hope the grocery ad for the other store has some good deals. I received the paper circulars for the rest of the grocery store in my neighborhood, today, but, I haven't checked them yet. In any case, those stores don't offer curbside pick up and I am not yet ready to shop at the bigger grocery stores in person, yet.
      Enjoy your French toast on Sunday! I had some of the leftovers, today! :)

  2. Glad that Dancer is feeling better. In my experience, some cats throw up and some don't, and only occasionally is it because of a hairball. Enjoy the rain. I know your plants are.

    1. Thank you, June; he seems to be just fine, today. Yes, the plants are nice and green from all the rain! It's not raining, today - just cloudy with some sunshine. :)

  3. It just seems so unusual to see your garden absolutely drenched with the rain. Rain is good but it seems you are getting enough to make up for every drought you have blogged about!
    Poor Dancer, I wonder what is triggering his throwing up? I'm glad he has recovered.

    1. According to the news, this has been one of the wettest February in the L.A. area. I hope some of this rain is seeping down to replenish our groundwater reservoirs.
      I don't know, but, the vet isn't too concerned as he's drinking plenty of water and uses the litter box regularly.

  4. Your garden does look soaked! The news was showing flooding in the LA area. I hope you are on high ground! I've been knocked down since last week with some viral crud with cough. It will pass, but I've not been up to much. Still working, tho. Glad to read that Dancer has recovered.

    1. The garden got a good soaking and now, there will be a couple of days to dry out before the next rain that is supposed to come on Monday.
      I'm so sorry to hear that you've been ill with a virus and a cough since last week! I hope you recover soon. Get plenty of rest when you can, especially as you are still working.
      Thank you; Dancer seems to be doing fine, now. :)

  5. You have had a lot of rain but your garden will be glad of it. We have had so much rain here too although the temperatures seem higher than they usually are for February. Good to read Dancer is feeling better now.

    1. Yes, we have had a lot of rain! I think they are saying that it's been the wettest February in a long time. The garden is thriving with all the rain! You've had a lot of rain, too, haven't you? A warmer than usual February might be good in some ways, but, in the long run, that indicates climate change, I believe, which might not be such a good thing!

  6. It does look a little wet out there! I'm glad Dancer seems to be doing better.

    1. Thank you, Sharon; he seems to be fine, now.
      We are having a couple of dry days, but, there's more rain in the forecast!

  7. You are getting some rain aren't you?
    Good thing you kept your old raincoat - something you haven't needed much in the last few years but you sure need it once again.
    Your french toast and bacon looks delicious.

    1. We are definitely getting some rain! They showed, on TV news, the temporary lake that has formed in Death Valley, of all places, the driest place in California, from the rain, and people canoeing in it!
      My raincoat is at least 25 years old, if not older! It comes in useful at least a couple of times each winter!
      Thank you; it was a delicious brunch! :)


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