Monday, August 28, 2023

August Meal Plans - Week 4 Review and Week 5

The meal plan for August Week 4 was: leftovers!

I had quite a few cooked dishes in the fridge to be finished: Roti✔, a little bit of rice✔, turkey keema curry✔, French toast✔, pizza✔, one hamburger patty✔, and salad ingredients.  

And this is how that worked out:

Brunch: Leftover roti and the last portion of chicken curry
Dinner: Toast with butter and peach jam (I was too full after a late brunch)
Snacks: Banana, Asian pears 

Brunch: A chicken sandwich roll (compliments of neighbor S)
Dinner: Leftover Rice and keema curry

Brunch - Roti and keema curry
Dinner - Breakfast for dinner - French toast

Brunch: A slice of pizza, mango
Dinner: Bread and butter (it was all I felt like eating)
Snacks - granola bars

Brunch - Chicken sandwich roll (again)
Dinner - Homemade cheeseburgers, grapes

Breakfast - Slice of bread with peanut butter
Lunch - Vegetable rice and chicken, compliments of neighbor S and her mother L
Dinner - Leftovers from lunch
Snacks - Mini croissants with peach jam

Brunch - Mini croissants with peach jam
Dinner - Patties


Patties are little pastry pockets filled with a savory filling.  I used the leftover ground turkey keema curry, mixed in with mashed potatoes, as the filling.  They are usually made to be eaten as a snack, but, I made them for dinner.  Very often, the pastry is cut in circles and then, folded over to form semicircular pastries.  This is the first batch I made with half of the pastry and since I waited until I was already hungry to make them, I just cut squares after I rolled out the pastry and made triangular shaped patties!  Less hassle to cut and fewer leftover pastry bits to worry about.  The one in the front, to the viewer's right, is semicircular.  It was too hot (yesterday, it was 99F/37C) to turn on the oven to bake them, so, I did what we used to do back in Sri Lanka, I fried them.  Then, after I had eaten some for my dinner, I rolled out the rest of the pastry and made some semicircular ones.  I still have some of the leftover pastry (all the leftovers from cutting circles of pastry) and more of the filling - might make more patties, later.

On to this week's meal plan!  I'm going to call it August Week 5.  As always, my meal plans are a list of options and subject to change (other than the milkrice on the first of the month - that will not change!)

Brunches: Patties, mini croissants, crumpets, salad, milkrice and beef curry (on Friday, Sept. 1), leftovers

Dinners: Rice with beef curry, cucumber salad, and broccoli; patties with a side salad (must eat more salads/vegetables); roti and beef curry; leftovers

Snacks: Grapes, mango, Asian pears, yogurt, other less healthy snacks!

If you meal planned last week, how did it work out?  What are your meal plan options for this week?


  1. Your meals sound very Good. The patties look delicious! I'd eat them any shape! I did not have a good day yesterday or last night. The sewer line clogged, and water spilled out from the basement floor drain. I was so worried the pipe had collapsed and would require digging a trench out to the street, that I didn't sleep. But, the good news is the clog was inside, and the plumber rotored/snaked it out. What a relief! I will sleep tonight :D This is meetings and prep week, next week classes start. We are on semesters.

    1. Thank you, Celie. Originally, the shape of the patties was an indication of the filling - I can't quite remember now, but, I think the semicircles meant the filling was fish and the triangles meant the filling was meat.
      Oh, no! You had a terrible day with the clogged drain! That must have been so worrying! But, fortunately it wasn't the big repair you worried it might be and the plumber was able to unclog it! Not a good start to the work week, but, at least it is a week of preparations and meetings. Hope the classes go well. Be safe! My daughter received a notification today that she might have been exposed to a co-worker who tested positive for Covid when she was at the office on Wednesday. She is so glad that she continues to wear a mask when she's in the office.

  2. Oh my goodness your patties look delicious! I love reading your exotic (to me) meals!__Anne in the kitchen

    1. Thank you, Anne. They turned out very well and I can't stop eating them!

  3. Your patties do look good whatever shape you make them. If I were making them the semi-circular would have a savoury filling and the triangular ones sweet, maybe an apple filling.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. I did consider making some apple turnovers, but, I didn't. Maybe another time. :)

  4. Your patties look so inviting! I was wondering, did you have to deep fry them?

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I deep fried them, but, they can be baked in the oven, too. I'm not sure how they'd turn out in an air fryer (I don't have one), but it might be worth experimenting.

  5. I see jam on several days. That's my kind of meal/snack! :)

  6. Oh my. Those patties look really good. What a good thing to make.
    I would gobble those down quickly if I had them.


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