Monday, August 21, 2023

After the Storm

Blue Skies and White Clouds

Yesterday (Sunday), we had grey skies and constant rain as tropical storm Hilary moved through our area.  The gale force winds that were forecast didn't actually happen in my neighborhood, at least, and I am very thankful that they didn't!  There were some strong gusts of wind from time to time, however, and I kept looking rather anxiously at the eucalyptus tree in the front yard, but, fortunately, not only did the tree stay upright, not even a single branch broke off!  I am very, very grateful for that!  

The Front Yard After the Storm

It was still raining when I went to bed at 2:30 a.m., but, the sun was shining when I woke up later this morning. 

The garden got a very good soaking and apart from the full buckets I had kept out to collect the rain water and a couple of puddles of water collected in low spots on the driveway,  the rainwater has all drained off or been absorbed into the ground.  

Mama Cat Enjoys a Drink of Rainwater

The round dish in the background is Mama Cat's water bowl; but, of course, she preferred to drink the water in the buckets!  

The only casualty from the storm was this branch that had fallen from the bottle brush tree:

Fallen Branch

As branches go, it is just a twig!  Thank goodness for that!  Other areas and cities have suffered more damage from this storm system; I feel very grateful and blessed to have been spared from all that!

I took a few more garden photos, but, I'll do a Garden in August post, later.

The power stayed on after it came back, last night, and there has not been any power or internet disruptions, today.  

I did a load of laundry in the morning (my bed sheets) and hung everything up to dry.  I will remake the bed when the sheets are dry - I am now down to one set of summer sheets, until I make over the full sized fitted sheet to turn it into a queen sized sheet.  I need to make that a priority.

Today's mail included a second document from a different insurance company than the one I use, with my address, but, someone else's name!  My initial reaction had been to write no such person at this address and return to sender.  However, since I was recently informed that a medical center I had used in the past had been hacked into and patient records and information might have been compromised, I was worried that there might have been some identity theft involved.  So, I opened the document (a policy change document) and discovered that while the cover letter had my address, the document inside had a different address, but, one digit in the house number had been changed.  Probably it was entered into the system wrongly.  In any case, I called the company, which was located in Illinois and the person who answered the phone was very confused as to why I should have received this document!  I said the cover letter had my address on it and gave her the policy number and she was able to locate their client's address in their system.  She told me to disregard the two documents I had received and to destroy them.  

I finally made the coconut roti last night and I had some with the last of the chicken curry for my brunch, today.  Dinner will be rice and ground turkey keema curry with some of my homemade tomato chutney.  I will make my meal plan later.

Today, I am grateful for:
- The worst of the storm passed me by; I had no damage to the house from either the storm or the earthquake
- The garden got a good soaking
- The power outage didn't last long enough to cause any of the food in the fridge or freezer to spoil
- All the emails and comments from my blog friends checking on me
- The insurance document I received was in error and not a sign of identity theft!

Plans for the rest of the day include taking the trash cans to the curb for collection in the morning and making my weekly meal plan.  

How was your Monday?  What are your plans for Tuesday?


  1. That is so good to know that you got through with minimal damage to the yard. I love the photo of Mama Cat enjoying the rain water!
    I'm glad you managed to sort out the document with the wrong address without having to do anything afterwards other than destroy it.
    We have had a long day driving to the capital for dental issues, but it was a good drive each way and the weather was fine.

    1. Thank you Bushlady. I feel so relieved that everything turned out the way it did! Both the storm and that document!
      Both Mama Cat and Dancer seem to like drinking out of buckets! :D
      I'm glad you had a safe drive to and from. Hope you can relax, tomorrow.

  2. I’m so thankful to hear that you and your home are ok and weathered the storm.

    1. Thank you, Mandy. I was expecting the worst! Other areas had more damage - floods, mudslides, loss of electricity, etc. We were lucky where I am!

  3. We received a letter to our address in Leicester with the wrong name on it. I opened it, and found a substantial cheque inside. I recognised it as the house owner from 20 years before. I telephoned the sending company who said I should rip it up. If the person was no longer there, they weren't going to attempt to find them, they said! But the name was unusual. It took me a very short time with Google to track the person down - he lived about 35 miles away. I got in touch and he came over the following week to collect the cheque, and brought me flowers!

    1. That was very kind of you to make the effort to contact the previous homeowner and let him know about the check. I'm sure he appreciated it! I suppose the sending company was hoping they could keep the money!

  4. So happy to know you suffered no storm damage apart from the broken tree branch and your power cut. I kept watching the news for updates but our news was dominated by the sentencing of a wicked baby killer. Nice to see Mama cat taking a drink from the bucket of rain water :) It was wise to phone and check on that insurance document and you can breathe easy now.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. There was plenty of storm damage further north, especially in a city called Palm Springs, but, I was very fortunate to have next to no damage at all!
      Mama Cat's water dish was full, but, she wanted to drink from the bucket! :D
      Yes, I was worried about getting someone else's insurance policy being sent to my address! I don't want to be held liable for for someone else's bills!

  5. I'm glad that you came through the storm so well. I've been paying attention on the news to see how you and a couple of our friends might be doing. You collected a lot of good water to use in your garden and I'm sure your plants will thank you for it, not to mention Mama cat.

    1. Thank you, June. I hope your friends fared as well as I did. I am very thankful that things turned out so well. I will use that rain water to water some of the plants, later in the week. :) Mama Cat will have to make do with the water in her dish!

  6. Water always tastes better when it's not in the water bowl! So glad the storm didn't cause your home damage.

    1. Apparently it does! Because Dancer prefers the water in the bucket in the bathroom! Thank you, Celie; I am very thankful that I didn't have any storm damage! :)

  7. That's so good that you're alright. I have been worried.

    As for the cats - they will always choose a puddle! I hope that your garden flourishes after this.

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. I am very relieved to have escaped the brunt of the storm! Other areas didn't fare as well.
      Cats have a mind of their own, don't they?
      Thank you, the garden looks very refreshed after the rain!

  8. You have some nice full buckets there. I hope they last you a while.
    I'm glad you made it through the storm without any damage.
    I am hoping Florida residents make it through the storm hitting them this morning
    Momma cat looks so cute getting her drink from the bucket.

    1. Mama Cat enjoyed her drinks of water from the buckets until we used the water for the garden, the following week. All the water got used up in one go, I'm afraid.
      I'm very grateful to have made it through without any damage - we didn't get the really powerful winds where I am. I, too, hope that Florida doesn't get a lot of storm damage - lots of people are without power, according to the news.


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