Saturday, August 24, 2019

Friday and Saturday

I took it easy on Thursday evening, partly because my daughter called me when she got back from work, as she usually does, and we proceeded to talk for three hours straight!  She usually tells me all about her day, when she calls (even when she was going to school, she'd tell me about her day in great detail, something I really appreciated).  On Thursday, she had a lot to say and we had a lot to discuss!  Almost all of it was good stuff (she received a merit raise!), but, by the time we got off the phone, it was past 9:00 p.m.!  It was too late to water the garden and I decided that the housework can wait!

On Friday, I did two loads of laundry and I cleaned the kitchen.  Kitchen cleaning included washing the stove vent hood and some of the kitchen cabinet fronts.  I have white kitchen cabinets which I love, but, they show every splash and drip and I tend to be a very messy cook!  

Clean Kitchen Cabinets
I washed most of the upper cabinet doors and some of the lower cabinets.  The rest will be done another day.  The walls need to be washed, too (especially the area behind the stove!), and the ceiling and, well, there's no end once you start, is there?  

When M came to do the garden, in the evening, I spent a good half an hour or so chatting with him about various things before he cut the grass and watered the garden for me.  

Later in the evening, my daughter and I had another three-hour long conversation, but we video chatted, this time!  It was past 1:00 a.m. when we said goodnight! And then, I called her!  LOL.

I had been waiting all day long to see if either of my doctors would call or send me a message about my test results, but, neither did.  Then, later in the evening, I remembered that my new primary care physician has an online patient portal where I can access my records.  I checked and sure enough, my recent lab test results were posted there!  I was happy to note that one reading had gone back down to even below the June lab test results, indicating that I am no longer dehydrated!  A second number, indicating kidney function, had gone down a bit from the July lab results, but, wasn't quite as low as the June reading.  Maybe that takes a bit longer than a few days of being hydrated to show results.  But, I am not too concerned.  I will have another blood test done in mid-September, before I go for my oncologist appointment and if the numbers are still elevated, then, we'll worry about it.  In the meantime, I will continue to drink my water!  I found an easy way to keep track of my water intake - every morning, I write the numbers from 1 to 10 on a piece of masking tape and put on the outside of my glass, then, as I drink, I cross the numbers off!  The glass holds 16 oz. or two cups, or one American pint:  

Keeping Track of Water Intake!
Today, I did some paperwork in the morning and had a shorter conversation with my daughter.  Aunt C called and we chatted for a bit, too.  

Then, I cleaned the cabinet under the sink in my bathroom:

Bathroom Under Sink Cabinet
I emptied the drawers, wiped them, and returned things to them.  The lower drawer contains some personal care items, the upper one has hair care appliances - hair dryer, curling iron, and a straightener (from when my daughter wanted her wavy hair straightened - it didn't work too well on her very thick hair, though!)

Cabinet - Before 
The cabinet under the sink wasn't too bad.  Cleaning products in the blue plastic basket, spare light bulbs and other items (new toilet valve, tube of tub caulking, etc.) in the plastic shoe box, an unopened box of wet wipes behind it (part of my emergency/earthquake supplies, for when access to clean water might be limited).

Again, I pulled everything out, wiped down the bottom of the cabinet with a damp microfiber cleaning cloth, and sprayed it with flea spray as a precaution.  Then, I took everything out of the two containers, washed the containers, wiped down the items, consolidated what I could (poured what I had left in the bigger bottle of floor cleaner into the bottle I keep under the kitchen sink), tossed a broken nightlight bulb, and put everything back:

Cabinet - After
The box of wet wipes fitted inside the blue basket.  I might look for a two tier drawer unit, or something like that, to make more efficient use of the space to the left, where the blue basket is, but, for right now, this arrangement works out well, enough.  

Today, I decluttered 6 small unused combs.

The Temple is having another Bodhi Puja/blessing ceremony, this evening, and I am planning to attend it.  

Today, I am grateful for:
- The blood test results seem to be headed in the right direction
- Daughter received a raise
- Getting some deep cleaning done
- Long conversations with daughter, family, and friends
- The opportunity to go to Temple

How is your weekend coming along?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Akasha. I was thinking of that cleaning chart you had posted, one time; I don't think I can do too many things at once, but, I could have planned and done a load of laundry, or something, at the same time.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter on the merit raise!
    And I’m so glad to hear that your tests results were good. 😊

    You did a lot of cleaning. I hope Sunday will be a relaxing day for you.

    Today I prepared a part of a lesson plan for my online course, sowed seeds, watered the garden, and crocheted a new dish cloth. 😊

    1. Thank you, Nil. :)

      I was in a cleaning mood and had to take advantage of that! :D

      You had a busy and productive day! Hope you'll have a nice, relaxed day, tomorrow.

  3. Hi Bless,

    Your kitchen cabinets look so clean they sparkle. You got a coiple big jobs done and that must feel good.
    I'm so happy you were able to look at your tests online and that they showed good results.
    Yesterday I went to a big church rummage sale that I look forward to every year.
    While you were decluttering, I was bringing more stuff in. Lol
    I got some great things and didn't spend much money. Even got a few things to give for gifts.


    1. Thank you, Debra. Yes, I am happy that I was able to check the blood test results online and they seemed good. An answered prayer! I am also glad I was able to get a couple of deep cleaning jobs done, too. :)

      That church rummage sale sounds wonderful! I'm glad you were able to get some good deals and I'm sure they were things you needed or wanted. Plus, you got a head start on your Christmas gifts! I need to start thinking of holiday gifts, myself, if I am not to run around at the last minute!

      Hope you are having a good day, today.

  4. Good job drinking the water. You're doing better than I am. When I drink more than a few sips, it fills my stomach and I feel too full. However, my husband can drink like he has a bottomless pit. Do you have any problems with filling too full when you drink?

    1. I, too, feel full, when I drink water. I can't drink more than one cup at a time. What I do is drink about half a cup at a time, a couple of times each hour. I drank a little less than my 8 cups, yesterday, so, today, I need to make sure I drink my quota!

  5. You are certainly doing a good job keeping on top of your cleaning and your photos show that. I was lazy last week and didn't get a lot done, and I chose to work in the yard on Friday morning instead of cleaning. I cleared out a load of weeds from one overgrown bed in the back and made a start on one in the front. I'll take gardening over housework any day!

    Our robins were there this morning and when I came back from church they had disappeared and the nest is empty, no sign of an adult anywhere. I just hope that they had a youngster old enough to take off. Well, I can't organize nature!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I think it's perfectly fine to substitute gardening for housework! I do that, myself, from time to time. :)

      Oh, I hope the baby robins were able to fly away and that's why the nest was empty! Yes, as you say, we can't organize nature!


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