Saturday, August 31, 2019

August Decluttering

In August, I had a decluttering goal of 31 items (one for each day).  I didn't always declutter one item each day, but, I managed to declutter 31 items.  A few of them went to the donations pile; the majority got recycled (all paper, plastic, and glass)!  I didn't photograph each and every item, though!  Other than the crocheted blanket, everything else was a small item,.  I seem to have a lot of small items - jars, containers, bits and pieces.  They don't take up a lot of space, but, they add to the volume of STUFF! 

8/1 - 1 crocheted blanket:

8/2 - 1 fan
      - 1 completed crossword puzzle book :

8/5 - 1 stuffed toy:

8/7 - 5 annual reports/brochures

8/10 - 1 magazine

8/11 - 2 magazines
        - 4 glass jars

8/22 - 2 more glass jars

8/24 - 6 unused combs

8/26 - 4 laundry detergent scoops - each box of laundry detergent (I use powdered detergent) comes with its own plastic scoop.  I keep saving them, thinking I might be able to reuse them, but, I find that I don't reuse them. I did keep one, just in case!

8/30 - 1 jar jar
        - 1 magazine
       - 1 book

Items count: 31

I will continue with my decluttering in September, too.  It will be more "bits and pieces" and I might even add some "odds and ends" to them!  LOL!  Did you declutter anything this month? 


  1. That blanket is very pretty, Bless. Was it made by you?

    I discarded several old clothes, and an ironing board this week. 😊

  2. No, I didn't make the blanket. It was given to me by a cancer support group when I went to get my wig (back when I lost my hair due to chemo). It's a nice, warm blanket, but I have others that I've made and it's time to donate this one.

  3. Well done. I got rid of some more books, some sheet music and some clothes, all to the charity shop. Also odds and ends from the garage went to the skip.

    1. Thank you, Eileen. You did great with your decluttering! I've a bunch of stuff to get rid of in the garage, but I'm waiting until it is cooler to tackle that!

  4. We were about to attack the house when Mom's health went south. Maybe September?

    1. You have other, more important things to attend to right now, Anne. The decluttering will wait.


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