Monday, June 1, 2020

Week 5 Meal Plan Update

Another week of changes to planned meals, but, it worked out well enough for me.  I was trying to use up a few things that needed to be used up (in bold print) and I think I did OK. 

Week 5 (Use it Up!) Meal Plan:

Brunch: Milk rice and chicken curry - I had half a can of coconut milk in a jar in the fridge, that needed to be used up before it spoiled.  I used most of it for the milk rice and added the rest to the chicken curry I already had in the fridge to make more gravy.

Dinner: Scrambled egg on toast, with or without bacon (depends on how much I want to dig through the freezer!); maybe a salad Cheeseburger and fries compliments of neighbor S!  Neighbor S brought over dinner and I chose to have some of that instead of the scrambled egg on toast I had planned!

Brunch: French toast Cheeseburger leftover from Monday night

Dinner: Rice, chicken curry, the last serving of cooked green beans, curried sauteed cabbage, cucumber salad

Brunch: French toast

Dinner: Rice, chicken curry (if there is any leftover) or and curried garbanzo beans, curried sauteed cabbage, cucumber salad

Breakfast: Scrambled egg on toast? French toast

Lunch:  Salad Tuna salad sandwiches with lettuce, cucumber slices, thanks to Susan, who mentioned it in a comment on the previous week's meal plan post!  Suddenly, I was craving tuna salad sandwiches!  LOL!

Dinner: Coconut  flat bread  Paratha (Indian flat bread) and fish curry - I was too lazy to make the coconut flat bread; the paratha was in the freezer and was easier!

BreakfastCoconut flat bread, fish curry Tuna salad sandwich

Lunch: Rice, garbanzo beans curry, curried cabbage (finishing up leftovers); the first peach from the tree!

DinnerSalad,  Rice, fish curry, cucumber salad; broiled chicken drumsticks (have to remember to take chicken out to thaw!)
 - I remembered to put the chicken to thaw, but, almost forgot to cook them!  I only remembered when I saw Anne (Cooking and All That Jazz) post a recipe for a Buffalo chicken casserole!  Then, I quickly broiled the drumsticks and ate one for my efforts!  LOL! 

BrunchCoconut flat bread, fish curry Scrambled egg, bacon, hash browns

Dinner: Salad, broiled chicken drumsticks

Brunch: Pancakes  Zucchini muffins, tangerine

DinnerPasta with meat sauce, or, if I feel ambitious, then, lasagna!  Rice, fish curry, green beans (the ground beef for the meat sauce hadn't thawed in time to cook Sunday dinner).

Planned baking for the weekzucchini muffins, maybe bread pudding

I didn't make bread pudding, after all, because I ate several sandwiches during the week and ate most of the bread I had kept in the fridge (a few other slices were frozen). 

This has been my attempt at meal planning during the month of May.  I am not sure if it was successful or not, because I made so many changes to the planned meals.  I am also not sure if I will continue to meal plan in June.

However, today (Monday, June 1), I had milkrice with fish curry for brunch, followed by a peach.  Dinner was going to be pasta with meat sauce, but, the ground beef still hadn't thawed, so I finished the last piece of grilled chicken. 

I have a little bit of curried green beans and a serving of fish curry left in the fridge to be finished this week, and the package of thawing ground beef needs to be cooked - if I make the meat sauce, then, I can see myself eating pasta with it for several meals, this week. 

Do you meal plan on a regular basis?  Or, do you decide on a daily basis, depending on what you feel like eating?


  1. I love that ,for many of us, what we plan and what we have just don't match but we are fed anyway!

    1. I think it's because we meal plan from a point of view of what we think we'd like to have from the choice that is available to us. The important thing is we have something to eat! :)

  2. I'm finding that my attempt at meal planning is more important at present when I am relying on supermarket deliveries for all my food items. I have the main meals organised with my bulk cooking efforts, so it's more to do with having a variety for breakfasts and lunches and being sure I have enough to last until the next delivery.

    1. Yes, I think we all have our own reasons for meal planning, whether it is to have more variety or make the best use of the groceries we are able to have. Those are my main reasons, anyway. :)

  3. I don't plan meals although I think it would be a good thing for us. Without a plan, we don't always make the best selections.

    1. I think as long as what we are doing is working for us, then, it is OK, whether we meal plan or not. I used to make only very vague meal plans - a couple of main dishes like chicken curry and beef stir-fry, for example, each week and then, alternate those throughout the week. My problem, back then, was trying to decide on breakfasts and lunches (and snacks) to pack for my daughter and myself to take with us to school and work.

  4. Ha,ha. I read your previous comment about my having a lot to answer for. Anne's recipe for Buffalo Chicken casserole had the same effect on me. I had to make it the following day.

    I think having a meal plan this past week helped you to remember what needed to be used up before it spoiled. And that is an excellent reason to meal plan. You are bound to have changes in plan, but it keeps your focus on using things up.

    1. I think it is a good thing to find inspiration from what others are making for their own meals. I've a tendency to fill up on carbs and reading what you and Anne are planning to have is very helpful to me.

      Yes, last week's meal plan helped me to keep waste to a minimum. I used everything I needed to use and there was no food waste. This week, I need to use up some milk before it spoils (I froze some, but, the freezer space is limited).

  5. Meal-planning is definitely the wise and frugal way ... unfortunately I am neither wise or frugal (maybe someday though)-I so admire those who can follow through or arrange meals so there aren't those 'surprise moments' when something else is just hammering away and demanding that you MUST eat that ... and right then too-since I am here with Paige now, we both try to think in advance and consider 'what's for dinner' but preparing dinner is usually a case of who is nearest the kitchen at dinner o'clock- I love to read the meal plans of others ... maybe someday I will get my act together-
    On a more successful note, we have found a(nother) yard service, and I managed to get a time for them to go to my house and start looking and planning for plants I want to have moved-I won't be actually in the house I am buying for awhile, but we can start moving thing into there anytime and also doing work in the yard- the people who are buying the other place have no plans to use the property for many months, so getting things out is no problem- this has made today a win-win day-
    Take care- as always, fondest wishes-

    1. I've always been rather lax with meal planning. My usual method was to buy whatever was on sale on a given week, which I thought I'd like to eat, and then, plan meals around them. But, now, I want to plan my meals to make the best use of what I do have on hand, as grocery shopping has slowed down and become more expensive!

      Yay for finding a yard service to help you with moving your plants! It sounds like things are falling into place, nicely; I hope that it will continue to go well. :)

  6. I always enjoy hearing about the food you prepare and eat. I guess I'm just nosy that way haha
    I don't meal plan in a structured way but I do make an effort to avoid food waste -
    so I do think ahead to what we are going to eat to avoid throwing things away.

    1. I, too, like to read what others make. Often, it gives me ideas for what to make, myself. :)

  7. We meal plan and God laughs!


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