Monday, June 22, 2020

June Meal Plans - Week 3 Update and Week 4

I started out Week 3 with meal possibilities, rather than a specific meal plan.  It worked out really well for me!

Week 3 Meal Possibilities:
Breakfasts/Brunches - scrambled eggs with potatoes (fried or hash browns); pancakes ✓ or waffles; muffins if I make some; cereal✓; tuna salad on crackers; fresh fruits (I have apples, oranges, and peaches)

Lunches - For days when I want a separate lunch - tuna salad on crackers, salad (lettuce, carrots, with apples or peaches, etc.), yogurt

Dinners -
- leftover rice and curries (Monday)
- coconut flat bread with chicken curry
- string hoppers with chicken curry, potato curry, onion sambol ✓
- rice with smoked sausage stir fry
- more paratha pizzas
- Leftovers ✓
- Or, something else, altogether!  ✓ (dinner from neighbor S)

Here is how it turned out:

Breakfast: Dry cereal
Lunch: Paratha Pizza!

Paratha Pizza
Dinner: Leftover rice and curries provided by friend S

Brunch - Pancakes with peaches:

Pancakes with Fresh Peaches
Dinner - Last of S's leftover rice and curries

Brunch - Pancakes with fresh peaches
Dinner - Dinner compliments of neighbor S:

Dinner Sent by S

Brunch - Koththu roti, made from the lavash neighbor S provided as part of the previous night's dinner:

Koththu Roti

Dinner - Rice pilaf, chicken curry, eggplant; fresh peaches and a napoleon for dessert

Brunch - Paratha and chicken curry
Dinner - Leftovers from neighbor S's dinner (roast pork and scalloped potatoes); cereal for a snack

Brunch - Stringhoppers, potato curry, chicken curry
Dinner - Kebabs with peach chutney, salad, corn; peaches for dessert

Brunch - Stringhoppers, potato curry, chicken curry
Dinner - A bit of this and that: Salad, homemade potato chips, the last stringhopper with chicken curry, peaches with yogurt. 

I rather like how last week's meals turned out.  I am going to continue this way of meal planning, this week, too, with a couple of exceptions.  I have decided on tonight's dinner (smoked sausage stir fry and rice) and that will provide leftovers for several additional meals.  I will freeze some of the extra portions, but will keep enough in the fridge for at least one more meal during the week.

This week's meals will be made with what I have on hand, as I am not planning to do any grocery shopping, this week. 

Week 4 Meal Possibilities:
Breakfasts/Brunches - scrambled eggs with potatoes (fried or hash browns); waffles with peaches; muffins if I make some; tuna salad or peanut butter on crackers; fresh fruits (I have apples, oranges, and peaches), parathas with onion sambol

Lunches - For days when I want a separate lunch - tuna salad on crackers, salad (lettuce, carrots, with apples or peaches, etc.), yogurt, parathas with onion sambol, leftover soup (if I make tomato soup for dinner, one day)

Dinners -
- Smoked sausage stir-fry with rice
- Gyoza (pot stickers)
- Coconut flat bread with beef curry
- Breakfast for dinner (scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, etc.)
- Tomato soup and crackers
- Cottage pie
- "Planned-overs"/leftovers

Anyone else making a meal plan for this week?


  1. I like the idea of possibilities or ideas for the week based on what I have in stock and have bought and then make them as I see fit during the week. If I plan on certain things for certain days I don't always feel like cooking them and (pre-covid 19) would just run out to the store for something else. I'm still limiting my trips to the shops and I actually like it that way!

    1. It gives one a little more leeway in what to actually prepare for a particular day's meals, this way, I think. Some days, I like knowing exactly what I am having that night - it helps with putting things to thaw, etc. But, other days, it's good to know that I can just graze and snack, if that's what I feel like doing. :)

  2. I have a list of things I want to use up but no specific meal plan. I've just done a load of bulk cooking so have a good choice of meals with what I already had in the freezer and the fresh veg. I just want to use up the last of the things I think have been in the freezer for too long.

    1. I like your cooking for the freezer approach. Eventually, I want to have a shelf in the freezer with pre-cooked meals that I can just pull out when I want. Right now, what I have are individual cooked items - browned ground beef, for example, or cooked green beans. Today, I made a stir-fry and froze two portions of it, to have another time.

  3. I pulled out chicken yesterday morning and didn't cook it, so that will be supper tonight with a frozen stir fry veggie combo.

    I made a meaty pasta sauce the other night to go with zucchini noodles, and couldn't use up all the sauce, so the rest of it went into the freezer for the next time I have zoodles for dinner.

    You put a whole lot more preparation into your meals than I do. I am a very lazy cook.

    1. Chicken with stir fried vegetables sounds good. How will you cook the chicken? Bake it?

      Pasta sauce with ground beef served over regular pasta (not zucchini) is one of my favorite meals. I made some, a couple of weeks ago, and had it for several meals. I will probably make more, next week. I am trying not to have the same thing, week after week. :)

      Thank you for saying that I put a lot of preparation into my meals, because I tend to think that I don't! And you are not a lazy cook, at all - you make your own yogurt, you bake your own keto bread and buns, you do a lot of prep. work with you cabbages and make your own broth for soup, etc. All that prep. work takes time and effort.

  4. I shocked DH this morning by offering him leftover pasta casserole for breakfast. He thought this was hilarious. I was just as happy that he turned it down as I wanted it myself!

    1. Too funny! I guess it was a good thing he declined it, as it meant you could have it all for yourself! :D But, what did he have, instead?

    2. Cereal and toast and an apple. I had an apple as well. We have an apple each most days at breakfast time and they are cut with a special cutter and the cores thrown on the porch for the squirrels who are happy to have them for their breakfast!

    3. Well, you know what they say about an apple a day keeping the doctor away. :) I've been eating a peach a day, recently. Yesterday, I buried some of the peach pits in the garden - I don't think they will germinate, but, maybe they will decompose and help enrich the soil!

  5. It's always interesting to me to see what other people are eating and to get ideas for something different to cook. I am not a fan of curry, though Roger is. Last night I cooked a big pot of "whatever" by making a soup of spinach, kale, beans, chicken, mushrooms, onions, baby carrots with seasoning and cooked in chicken broth. It cleaned out the frig and was delicious!💖

    1. Your soup sounds wonderful, Susan. That's the nice thing about soup - one can add just about anything and everything and it turns out well! :) Enjoy being home with the rest of your family. :)

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