Sunday, June 14, 2020


No-Waste Peach Jam!

I had intended to make a pancake or waffle topping with the two and a half peaches I couldn't peel when I was canning peaches, earlier in the week.  I was just going to slice the peaches as they were, with the peel, and cook them down a bit in some of the leftover canning syrup.  Except, half way through the cooking, I changed my mind, added a little more sugar and mashed up the peaches with my potato masher, peel and all, and made jam!  LOL!  There was just enough jam to fill an 8-oz. half-pint (U.S. pint = 16 oz.) jar!  I didn't can it, but, I sterilized the jar and turned the filled jar up side down for a few minutes and turned it right side up, again, and the seal dinged, so the jam is nicely sealed.  I will label  this as No Waste Peach Jam and keep it for my use (rather than for gift giving).

I deviated from the meal plan this morning, as I didn't really feel like making pancakes or waffles and, instead, had pasta for brunch; it is almost a candidate for the SPSH prompt #3, isn't it?

Red sauce, white pasta, served in a blue and white plate.  

I had a relaxed day, today, and did so with an easy conscience because I cleaned the house, yesterday!  This week was the week for "whole house cleaning" according to the 8-week cleaning cycle I follow, which I have mentioned once or twice, before:

Week 1 - Entryway and Living Room
Week 2 - Dining Room and Laundry Room
Week 3 - Bathrooms and Front Porch
Week 4 - Kitchen and Back Porch
Week 5 - Children's/Guest Rooms and Closets
Week 6 - Family Room and Room of Choice
Week 7 - Master Bedroom and Closet
Week 8 - All House Clean

I'm ready to start with the living room, again, on Monday (don't have an entryway, as such, since the front door opens directly into the living room).

Today, I watered the garden, both front and back, spoke with the pharmacy to arrange for delivery of one of my medication refills, and video chatted with one of my aunts.  I didn't make the peach chutney, but, hope to do that, tomorrow.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Video chatting with Aunt S
- Free medication delivery
- Peaches from the tree
- Being able to garden
- Chatting throughout the day with my daughter

Today's joyful activity was video chatting with Aunt S.

Saturday's To Do List:
- Water the garden (front and back) - DONE
- Make peach chutney

Sunday's To Do List:
- Make peach chutney

How was your Saturday?  What are your plans for Sunday?


  1. It's raining here so I won't be walking today but I will take the car out for a drive. I'm collecting some jigsaw puzzles from my cousin - she's been shielding as well and has had the puzzles in her house for years so they should be safe but I will leave them untouched for the recommended 72 hours just to be sure.

    I think the photo of your meal will be an excellent choice for the SPSH. How are you getting on with the list? I need to tackle some of the harder ones now.

    I'm hoping to clean the entire house tomorrow and Tuesday. Then I have a food delivery on Wednesday so will be able to concentrate on doing some bulk cooking for the freezer.

    1. Ooh, new jigsaw puzzles! What fun! Have a safe drive, especially in the rain.

      I'm coming along with the SPSH list, little by little. :) I took several possibilities for #3 the other day and the one with the pasta was a bit tongue-in-cheek. Haven't quite decided which one to select for that prompt.

      Sounds like you've a busy few days ahead of you, with cleaning and cooking. One of these days, I'll get organized enough to do some bulk cooking!

      Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Eileen.

  2. The best thing about having a meal plan is that it is not written in stone ... and you got such a wonderful treat (that even provided lots of leftovers) to give you cause for changing your plans- it is so nice to know you have thoughtful friends ... and I know you deserve every kindness that goes your way-
    Baby Jamie woke during the night with a fever, so she is being watched very carefully today ... so far no cough or complaints of a sore throat, and her fever has dropped considerably- her mama (Paige) thinks it is probably the result of playing too long in the yard yesterday ... and avoiding her nap-right now she is 'enjoying' her status of 'maybe sick' and proving to everyone who is the REAL boss-
    Our days of pleasant weather have ended and once again it is summer- that is to be expected, but those few days with cooler breezes were wonderful-
    Take care- fondest wishes to you and yours-

    1. Oh, I hope baby Jamie gets better, soon! Childhood fevers are worrying enough at any time, but, especially so, these days! Tell her that kitties are supposed to take lots and lots of naps throughout the day, especially in the afternoon! Give her an extra cuddle from me.

      Yes, I think I had the best possible reason to change my meal plan, didn't I? I am blessed with some of the best friends a person could have. I could never repay their kindnesses, but, I am very grateful.

      Enjoy your summer weather, even if it means staying indoors (do you have a/c?)

  3. I love your no waste jam!
    I have been so focused on organizing all of Mom's things that I have totally neglected everything at my own home except for working in the yard. Gotta tuen a little attention inward this week.

    1. Thank you, Anne. :)

      You have certainly been busy with sorting things at your Mom's house! It's OK - the stuff you need to do at your house will wait for you! LOL!

  4. That little peach tree sure is providing a lot of good things this year.

    1. That it is, Live and Learn. Today, it provided me with lunch, because I ate a freshly picked ripe peach for lunch! :)

  5. I like your impromptu jam making! Now you can have peach jam when you want.
    The weather is pleasant and the second variety of lilac is in bloom. I've also discovered quite a lot of pink ladies slippers in the yard, and some blue-eyed grass which is a favourite of mine. We had a nice long walk this afternoon and we ate lunch and supper on the deck. I've just finished listening to Pastor Bob's sermon, I think he is a great preacher, always to the point, always gentle!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady. I was laughing at myself because I didn't measure anything, just added sugar to taste and boiled till it all jelled!

      Sounds like you had a lovely day, with pleasant weather, a walk, meals on the deck, and lots of flowers popping up in your yard! I, too, enjoy listening to Pastor Bob. :)

  6. I bet your jam will be just wonderful. What a nice thing to have stashed away for yourself to have when the mood hits.

    Love the red white and blue photo - and the food looks good too

    It's nice to relax after a busy day.

    1. I had a taste of the jam (there was a bit left in the pan after I filled the jar) and it is delicious! I am looking forward to having some toast with a bit of my peach jam on it, later this year, when all the peaches are but a memory. :)

      Ha, ha, I almost wrote "this is for Debra who voted for this photo, even before it was taken" on the plate of pasta photo! :D

      Yes; I was able to fully relax, too, because all the housework I needed to do was done!

  7. I bet that jam tastes delicious. Thank goodness your little peach tree survived. X

    1. It does taste good, Jules; I am so thankful the peach tree survived. It has provided me with lots of fruit, this year!

  8. I know. I have been missing in action. Everything is fine. Everyone is good. I just get busy, and then tired. And although I have been reading your blogs first thing when I get up and have coffee, I think I will write later in the day when I am waiting for dinner to cook. And then I don't, and on and on it goes. I have been wanting to spend my whole Sunday on the blog, but it is already past 2 o'clock and here I am with the day almost done. And I have held TWO Trivia games since the last time I answered you. Bad, bad.

    1. Good to hear from you again, Susan. I had been wondering if all was well, but, didn't want to pry. I almost emailed you to see, but, then, thought I'll wait till Monday to see if you posted anything on your blog. Glad to hear it was nothing other than being busy and tired. Hope you are able to get plenty of rest. :)


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