Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Ending June on Tuesday

Squill Flower Stalks

Close Up

The eye doctor's office called me at 8:30 a.m. to confirm my appointment, scheduled for July 6th.  But, I told them that I have no one to drive me home after they dilate my eyes for the examination and, in any case, I was not leaving my house.  We rescheduled it for August 10th.  We shall see how things are by then.

Although I hadn't fallen asleep until after 4:00 a.m., this morning, I decided to get up after the phone call.  I had a cup of tea, checked to see if the big shoe chair was gone (it was gone!), responded to blog comments, and wrote up my monthly goals review blog post.

Today, I brought in the trash cans, did a load of laundry, watched news on TV, cleaned the fridge, practiced the piano, watered the garden (front and back), chatted with friend R, and scheduled a donations pick up!

I also cooked a curry using some of the lula kebabs neighbor S had given me.  I cut up the kebabs into pieces, sauteed some onions and curry leaves in a little oil, added some tomatoes, the kebab pieces, curry powder, chili powder, etc., and boiled it in some coconut milk.  Then, seasoned to taste with salt and lemon juice.  Since the kebabs were already cooked, the curry didn't take long to cook.   It was done by the time the rice boiled.

Breakfast was an egg salad sandwich.  Lunch was rice, with kebab curry, dhal, sauteed green beans, and pineapple curry:

Lunch: Rice and Curries
Dinner was a paratha with some of the kebab curry.  A freshly picked orange for dessert.  I also had a bowl of dry cereal for a snack.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being able to reschedule my medical appointments
- Being able to schedule a donations pick up
- Working appliances and electricity to run them
- Water for the garden
- Phone calls and video chats

Today's joyful activity was being out in the garden, watering, checking on what is growing and flowering, and picking fresh oranges.

Tuesday's To Do List:
- Bring the trash cans in - DONE
- Dust my bedroom 
- Water the garden, front and back - DONE
- Water the house plants - DONE
- Clean the fridge - DONE
- Practice the piano - DONE
- Load of laundry - DONE

Wednesday's To Do List:
- Dust my bedroom
- Vacuum
- Paperwork/filing 
- Do one decluttering/organizing task - the desk in my bedroom

How was your Tuesday?  What are your plans for tomorrow?


  1. I need to see my optician and don't think I can put it off for much longer, but I feel really anxious just thinking about an appointment. I need my eyesight tested again and new glasses fitted. I think eyestrain is partially responsible for some of the headaches I'm getting.

    Today, I am looking for some diet friendly recipes, and trying to get my head round how I can divide my monthly shop into a fortnightly shop so that I will then have fresh fruit and veg delivered twice a month. It should be easy to work out but I think I am having a senior moment (or two!) and it's not going that well. Maybe I need to put it aside and try again later!

    1. I hope you find a safe way to see your optician, Eileen. This really is a worrying time for all these routine check ups and things, isn't it?

      Hope you get your shopping deliveries figured out to your satisfaction. I am working on a big shopping order, myself. When I order fresh produce, I try to order a mixture of items that have to be used up in the first couple of weeks (cucumber, zucchini, grapes, etc.) and items that keep in the fridge for a longer time (cabbage, beets, apples, etc.). Or, I try to freeze things for later. Things like onions, tomatoes, celery, bell peppers, etc., freeze well without any blanching; things like green beans and broccoli need to be blanched, first.

    2. Thanks Bless, that's a big help.

    3. I'm glad to hear that. :)

  2. They haven't started donations pickup yet here, but I am ready. With the thrift stores being closed for several months, my donations closet is overflowing. Hopefully, it will be soon.

    1. Portions of our state, including my county, are going back into lockdown, because our new cases count keeps going up. I don't know if the donations pick up will actually happen, but, I hope it will. They did put a limit on the number of bags, which is something new.

  3. Mmm-mmm. Your lunch of rice and curries looks so wonderful. Your mid-day meal must be your main meal of the day. My lunches during summer are sandwiches or salad.

    I have no special plans for today. It is Canada Day, so I may watch some celebrations on-line. There is a contest going on for the best dressed house and lawn, but I did not register. For the kids, there is a contest for best dressed children's vehicle. I would imagine that includes bikes, trikes and scooters. There will be 10 prizes awarded in each category. There is another heat advisory with temps going to 33 degrees, so I will be happiest staying inside with the A/C and fans going.

    1. Thank you, Susan. The main meal of the day depends on how hungry I feel. Sometimes, there will be two main meals! LOL!

      Happy Canada Day! Sounds like it will be a hot day and I'm glad to hear that you are planning to stay indoors where it is cooler. Hope all is well with everyone in your family, Susan. Take care.

  4. Your remaking of the kabobs into a curry sounds delicious.

    July is here and I'm hoping we here is the US will have a better month with the trajectory of this virus.
    Things are very scary right now when you really contemplate the direction that things are going.

    1. Thank you, Debra. The curry turned out very well and I had some of it with my milkrice for brunch, today. :)

      July is indeed here and our virus cases are increasing to the point where several counties in my state, including my county, are having to reverse course and start shutting down, again. I am continuing to stay at home and I really don't see myself wanting to go anywhere soon.


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