Saturday, November 1, 2014

October Goals - Review

Spiritual: Continue with daily devotions/meditations; host the monthly prayer meeting; attend special seasonal ceremonies at the temple - Prayer meeting hosted; didn't attend temple ceremonies.

Environment: Outside: continue to spruce up the garden. Inside: Continue to clean and declutter - Done; side yard was weeded and trees trimmed; house was cleaned and some decluttering was done.

DD: Continue to be supportive with in-person visits and on-line visits - Visited her in person one weekend and we've had daily on-line video chats.

Family: Get together with family once - Did so at the prayer meeting.

Friends: Visit 2 friends; e-mails & phone calls - Got together with some friends at the prayer meeting, visited one friend, exchanged e-mails and phone calls with others.

Career: Work on assignments in a timely manner - Doing my best.

Finances: Continue to save for next semester's tuition & fees! - On-going.

Health: Start walking for 30 mins. 3 times a week.  - Had the dr's appt. that I couldn't do in September; walks are proving to be more elusive.

Leisure/Crafts/Hobbies: Reward myself with 30 mins. crafting time for each 30 mins. of walking; finish knitting the blouse for DD, sew cushion covers, start planting a fall garden - Did some planting, but didn't do the rest.

Time Management: Multi-task!  - Yes!

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