Sunday, November 9, 2014

Food Waste

One of the things I hate to do is waste food.  Usually, I am very good about using up the food I buy (buying just enough for a week or two) or preserving it in some way (usually by freezing it).  However, occasionally, (usually when I have a family gathering or party at home and have 15-25 people to lunch or dinner), I tend to buy a bit too much, don't use everything I buy, and end up tossing it. 

So, on Friday evening, when I cleaned out the fridge, I saw that a cucumber I had bought for the prayer meeting luncheon, but hadn't got around to using, was well on its way to becoming a science experiment!  Much as it pained me to do so, it had to go.  I put it on the compost pile, where it will eventually decompose into fertilizer for the garden.  Even when I have to toss something, I try to salvage as much as I can!

In addition to the cucumber, there was a beyond-its-prime tomato, a red onion, and the remains of a bunch of celery.  I cut up everything and froze for use in soup.  Now my freezer is full of all sorts of odds and ends to be made into soup, this winter.  

What about you?  How do you manage to keep food waste to a minimum?


  1. I never waste any food! Nothing! I followed my mother's example in this. Sometimes I observe what people throw away, both quality and volume, and I am terribly shocked. My sister was always rather profligate (IMO) but since the pandemic and the time when the supermarkets were bare because of stockpiling, she too has really changed her ways and plans every meal. She even makes soup from anything which looks as if it is about to go off and brings me a portion if it's too much.

    1. Well done on not wasting any food! I'm glad your sister has changed her ways. Soups are a good way to use up bits and pieces of leftovers. The other day, when I boiled mung beans, I saved the cooking water in the freezer. I added a bit of leftover vegetable in the same container. Once the container is full, I will make some soup with it. :)


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