Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Daily To Do List - Wednesday, Nov. 26

I was able to accomplish most of the tasks on my list, yesterday: we tidied up daughter's apartment, took the trash and recycling out, handed in the temporary parking permit, packed the car, put gas, drove home, unpacked, cleaned the litter box, went over to the neighbors' to collect my mail, called a friend, emailed another, and started putting things away.  I didn't finish putting away everything, but that can be moved over to today.

Today's to do list:

- Finish putting away things
- Do a load or two of laundry
- Grocery shop
- Go downtown with daughter?
- Paperwork/bills
- Water the front garden

What have you planned to do today?


  1. I'm doing some cooking in advance for tomorrow, getting serving dishes out, etc. Is little Bless excited to be home?

    1. Good planning to get started early. I'm not cooking this year - going to a friend's house and to my cousin's as well. Yes, little Bless is very happy to be home.


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