Friday, November 7, 2014

Quiet Thursday

It's been a quiet day, today.  A warm day, with the temperature going up to 90F.  But I was in the air conditioned office, where it was cold enough that a sweater was needed.  I didn't go outside at all, today.  Even during my lunch break, I just stayed in the office and read a book.

I didn't go to the weekly Farmers Market, either, today.  I still have the three persimmons I bought last week - still waiting for them to get ripe enough to eat them.  Persimmons have to be ripe to the point of being almost over-ripe to be sweet enough to eat them. 

After I came home, in the evening, my neighbor phoned me and I had a brief chat with her.  I had visited her, yesterday, after work, and given her some of the muffins I had baked.  She was calling me to say she enjoyed them. 

In the evening, I video chatted with my daughter, wished a friend for her birthday, watched a program on TV, paid a bill, and booked daughter's flight home for winter break. 

And that was how the day was spent.  Doing quiet, ordinary, everyday things.

How was your Thursday?

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