Saturday, November 29, 2014

Daily/Weekend To Do List: Saturday, Nov. 29 & Sunday, Nov. 30

I didn't complete my to do list from yesterday.  I dusted and vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom, got together with friends in the evening and started cutting out the nightdress.  But I discovered I didn't have enough fabric to finish cutting it out, so went to the fabric store and put gas to the car on the way to the fabric store and went grocery shopping on my way home from the fabric store.  So, I didn't have time to water the back garden in the evening, as planned, and I didn't repair daughter's quilt.  Will carry those two items forward to today.

Today's to do list:

- Prepare lunch for daughter and her friend who is visiting
- Repair daughter's quilt
- Cut out rest of the nightdress (probably won't have time to sew it today)
- Water the back garden
- Get together with more friends in the evening
- Bake corn bread for daughter
- Pack the car

Daily to do list for tomorrow (Sunday, Nov. 30):

- Drive daughter back to Berkeley
- Take her grocery shopping
- Rest

What have you planned to do this weekend?

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