Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Goals

Roses for the Mantle

I've been repeating the same goals each month, for several months now. But this month, I've different goals.  This month's goal:

- Celebrate my 59th birthday by doing 59 good things for myself!

What kinds of good things?  I am thinking anything that makes me happy, from an hour of crafting time to a vase of fresh roses from the garden brightening up my dresser; from sleeping in on a Sunday morning to a well-organized clothes closet.   Anything that pleases me.  It will be like giving myself 59 gifts.

So, this morning, I gave myself the gift of fresh flowers - pink and yellow roses from my garden.  Some for the altar, some for the living room mantle, next to a photograph of my mother, and some for my dresser.

Roses from the Garden

Do you have any special goals for November?

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