Monday, November 17, 2014

Post No. 101: Organizing Craft Projects

I didn't realize until I had posted that yesterday's post was my 100th post!  So this is post no. 101 for me!  I must say that I'm enjoying having a blog.

I have always enjoyed crafting.  But it seems like for every craft project I complete, I have another half dozen or so patiently waiting their turn!

I finished making a quilt this summer, but there are 2 more quilts waiting to be worked on! One is a new quilt that is in progress and the other is an old quilt needing repairs.

I finished knitting a sweater, earlier, but waiting patiently for their turn are two other partially knitted tops.  And daughter has sent me a photo of another sweater that she'd like me to knit for her!

I recently finished mending a pair of pyjama pants, but there are more sewing projects waiting.

And there are all the holiday gifts I have been meaning to make...

How do you organize your craft projects so that they get done in a timely manner instead of languishing in the closets and bins?

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