Monday, November 10, 2014

Making a Box

Daughter needed to mail something and needed a small box for the purpose.  Unfortunately, she didn't have a suitable box on hand.  I guess we could have bought one from the post office.  But where's the fun in that?

Instead, we emptied out a box of facial tissues (put the tissues into a zippered bag).  And we cut the box down to size.

Box Making 1
 Fold in the ends and glue in place.

Box Making 2

Box Making 3
 The lower half of the box:
Box Making 4

We did the same to make the lid, using the top portion of the tissue box, using some pieces of the cut off sides to cover the opening which had a piece of cellophane.

Box and Lid
We used some saved up bubblewrap to cushion the item she was mailing and closed the box.  We cut up a brown grocery bag to use to wrap the box for posting.  Then, we walked to the post office in the evening and mailed it.

Would you have bought a box to mail something small?  Or would you have made a box out of something you had on hand? 


  1. I'd definitely have made the box! I have a collection of used packaging and it's rare for me to be unable to find something suitable. Brown paper, jiffy bags, boxes, padding ... it's all serviceable and can be made to look presentable. People now even ask me for supplies! Haha!

    1. Good for you! You and I are a bit alike in some ways, I think! :)


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