Friday, November 14, 2014

Thursday: Flu Vaccinations and French Bread

Today has been a busy day.  The first day back at work, after being away for a few days, always tend to be a bit crazy.  On top of that, everyone wants his or her projects done yesterday, especially with the holidays approaching.

I got my flu vaccination, today; I will count that as one of my 59 self-care things for this month.  I also went to the farmers market and bought myself a loaf of my favorite French bread.  Crusty bread and homemade chicken soup for dinner.  There's more soup in the freezer for another day.

Once I got home from work, I put away the laundry from yesterday, watched a TV program, called and spoke with my half-sister and video chatted with my daughter.  And just like that, the evening passed in a flash and here it is, midnight, already!

How was your day, today?     


  1. My To Do list has, once again, out paced available hours. I'm getting up earlier, not adjusting well to time change-out but adding in holiday tasks and helping DH with his contract work has the days melting away.

    How are you finding driving to Berkley?

  2. Sorry to hear that the To Do list is longer than the available hours. That seems to happen quite often with me, too! I am getting more used to the drive and enjoying it.


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