Sunday, November 16, 2014

Saturday: Weekly Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning

I've been eating from the fridge, freezer, and cupboards, this week.

On Wednesday night, I took some leftover rice, added some vermicelli and vegetable soup powder and made a homemade version of rice-a-roni and had that with half of a 2-egg omelette and some of the sauted leeks and potato I had made and brought back with me from Berkeley.

On Thursday night, it was homemade chicken soup from the freezer with French bread I had bought from the farmers market that morning.

Friday night, it was leftover homemade rice-a-roni with the rest of the omelette and some of the sauted leeks and potato.

Today, I took out another container of the chicken and vegetable soup from the freezer and had that for both lunch (as it was, with French bread) and for tonight's dinner (with the addition of some leftover smoked sausage and baked potato).  There's enough soup left over for tomorrow's lunch or dinner, as well).

I took out a package of ham slices, too, to thaw. Not quite sure what I'll make with the ham, yet. I should also take out a package of the frozen eggplant, as well.

I did my grocery shopping this afternoon.  Bought 1 gal. milk ($3.29), bread ($1.29), 2 yogurt cups ($.50@), 2 whole chickens ($.89/lb; $3.23 & $3.37), 2 pkg. cocktail sausages ($2.50@), 2-lb. bacon ends ($4.99; regular packages of sliced bacon are much more expensive; $5.49/12 oz., etc.), 1 can cream of celery soup ($.49 on clearance - dented can), 2 boxed wild rice mix ($1@), 1 bottle oil ($1.99), 2 lb. bananas ($.69/lb), 2 bars chocolate ($.99@).  Spend a total of $30.02.

I put one of the chickens in the freezer, but kept the other one in the fridge to cut up and make a chicken curry for the week.  Froze both packages of cocktail sausages, too.  I will divide the bacon into portions and freeze most of it, as well.

A different store is having a sale on canned cream soups and peanut butter, among other things. I might make a stock-up trip there, tomorrow.

In addition to all the groceries I bought, I picked an orange from the garden.  It was the only one that was ripe enough to pick. 

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