Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving (and Daily To Do List)

Happy Thanksgiving!  Today, I am especially thankful for being able to spend this day with my daughter, with extended family, and with friends.  Daughter and I have been invited to celebrate Thanksgiving with both friends and family!  So, that's what we'll do.  We'll go to our friends' in the early afternoon and to our family later in the evening.

I was able to do most of yesterday's to do list.  I finished putting away things, did two loads of laundry, grocery shopped, paid 2 bills, and watered the front garden. 

Today's to do list:

- Help daughter assemble fruit platter
- Put away laundry which was hung up to dry overnight
- Do another load or two of laundry
- Tidy up family room
- Put gas to the car
- Visit friends
- Visit family

What are your plans for today?

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