Monday, November 24, 2014

Daily To Do List - Monday, Nov. 24

I am someone who loves to make lists and 'to do' lists are one of my favorites.  Practically every day, I make a daily to do list.  Sometimes, it's a weekend to do list or, occasionally, a weekly to do list.  My to do lists keep me focused.  Some days, all of the tasks on the list get accomplished.  Some days, however, some items go undone for whatever reason - a lack of time, a lack of energy or motivation, etc.  But that's OK.  What doesn't get done usually get carried over to another day.  However, I've learned that it is important to keep a daily to do list to a reasonable, "do-able" list of tasks.  Otherwise, I just end up feeling overwhelmed.

I used to post my daily to do lists on the forum that will be closing.  So, I've decided to post my daily lists here, on my blog, instead.  This week's to do lists will be a little different because I am on vacation for Thanksgiving.

So, today's Daily To Do List:

- Blog Posts
- Vacuum daughter's apartment for her
- Post Office - go with daughter to mail some letters and cards
- Pay rent check and inquire about parking permit
- Help daughter pack
- Read my library book

Do you make daily(weekly) to do lists?    If so, please feel free to share your lists.


  1. Lately I've been in the habit of posting a weekly list...

    *kidsit (this eve, T,W)
    *bowling (T this week)
    *DDs music concert
    *finish putting together pirate costume (performing "Pirates of the High C")
    *stand by for updates on DGN heart surgery
    *make Tday plans
    *close sales party


    1. I like weekly lists as they let you plan in advance, but often end up doing daily to do lists. It's whatever works best for us, I guess. No right or wrong way. Sounds like you will have a busy day. Don't forget to take some time for yourself, too.

  2. I am for sure a list maker! I always have a running list of things I want to get done in the next month or so. And a daily list of things to accomplish - mostly this is things to clean, floors to mop, etc., but if I'm going to get something off the monthly list done that day, I will include that item. Sometimes I have a weekly list also. and then there's my yearly list of all that I want to get done that year. This list is in a composition book and at the end of the year I go back to that list and below it I write what I actually did accomplish. It's fun to read back over the yearly lists for years gone by and see what got done and what was moved forward to the next year's list.

    1. I like the yearly list! I used to have something similar, but haven't done a new one for a couple of years now. Should start a new one for next year. Thank you for mentioning the yearly lists and for commenting.

  3. I agree the weekly list is like a framework in which the daily lists can be made around. It gives me a better idea of what is reasonable to do and also reminds me of my priorities. I like having a master list or yearly list too.


    1. I looked at my last yearly list, last night; I was happy to see how much I was able to achieve.


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