Friday, November 28, 2014

"Black Friday" Daily To Do List

It was lovely, yesterday, to spend Thanksgiving day with my daughter, some of our friends and several family members.   It was a sunny, warm day, too.

Yesterday, before we went to Thanksgiving dinner with friends, I called and wished one of my aunts and another good friend, put away the laundry that had been hung up to dry overnight, washed one of daughter's quilts,and helped daughter assemble fruit platters to take with us as our contribution to Thanksgiving dinner.

Several members of my family were planning to go shopping to get "Black Friday" deals.  I don't usually go "Black Friday" shopping.  However, the fabric store has advertised a 70% off on certain select fabrics and  50% off baby yarn, which is very tempting.  Except, I still have some of the fabric I bought after Christmas, last year, on a similar sale!  I have resolved not to buy anymore fabric or yarn until I've finished my stash, so I will resist the lure of a 50-70% off sale!  It will be good for the budget, as well.

Today's Daily To Do List:

- Repair daughter's quilt
- Dust living room and dining area
- Vacuum
- Cut out and start sewing a nightdress
- Clean the bathroom
- Water the back garden
- Get together with friends in the evening

What are your plans for "Black Friday"?  Do you go shopping?  Or do you avoid the shops on this particular day?


  1. Good for you, avoiding temptation! There will always be other sales when your stash is almost empty.

  2. I am a member of GON. However, I've never posted or it was so long ago that I can't remember. Back with Lynnim, Halebop and Cricket. Now I can't find my password, so I can't pm anyone. You're my only hope! Can you ask someone to send me an invitation or at least tell me the name of the Facebook group and I can take it from there. My Facebook page is under Marylynn Caldwell and White Swan Rubber Stamps. Thank you. I am accustomed to checking in on GON everyday and I would miss it.

    1. Marylynn, the name of the group is Organizing Friends and I added you. I hope you received a notification; if not, let me know.

  3. We didn't go out today either Bless. I am tossing around going to Joanns tomorrow for 70% off fleece. We put the tree up and I forgot to check that all the lights worked. When the timer kicked in the top half is not working. Ugh. DH put the village up. He does a great job on that. I will be sending an update email out this weekend to the GONers. Frugal.

    1. Yes, I saw the 70% off on fleece, but we still have most of the fleece we bought, earlier. Too bad about the tree lights not working. Hope you'll be able to get some new ones on sale. Good to hear from you.

    2. I figured out the tree problem. I forgot to plug everything in!!! Whew! I started looking at all the plugs and realized there were four that need to be plugged in to the extension cord. We put the outside decorations up today. It was 44 and sunny. Perfect day to do it. Frugal.

    3. So glad you were able to get the lights to work! I haven't even thought about decorating, yet! Sometime mid-December, when daughter is home from university, I'm thinking. Keep warm, Frugal. It's in the 80s here...


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