Saturday, November 8, 2014

Finally, Friday

Had a busy day at the office, today, and a very productive one, too.   I managed to complete all my projects for the week.  Now I can look forward to the weekend without worrying about unfinished work at the office.

It was another warm day, with highs of 89F downtown.  I went to the pharmacy during my lunch break to pick up some medications.  I now have a $5 "bonus" coupon that I can use towards a future purchase.  Sometimes I use these bonus coupons to buy toiletry items.  Other times, I use them to buy holiday gifts. 

In the evening, after I came home, I cleaned the fridge and did the dishes.  Picked two oranges from the tree in my garden and ate one, right away.  Freshly picked oranges!  Such a treat!  A friend called and I had a brief chat with her.  Later, I wrote to another friend.  And video chatted with my daughter.  And just like that, Friday came and went!

How was your Friday?  Did you look forward to Friday all week?  And then, when it arrived, did it sort of fast-forward and end too quickly?  Well, we can all look forward to the weekend now, can't we?

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