Friday, October 31, 2014

Farmers Market Thursday


The weekly farmers market held near my office on Thursdays is a fun place to visit during my lunch break.  I don't find it to be a cheaper alternative to the grocery stores I go  to (although a friend pointed out that the farmers market probably sells organic produce, in which case, if I compare with organic produce in the grocery store, then, the farmers market is cheaper).  But I treat myself to something or the other, almost every week.
Often, it is a pastry or a crusty baguette from the French bakery stall.  Occasionally, however, it is some vegetables or fruit.

Today, it was persimmons.  The regular persimmons, not Fuyu persimmons.  They were selling for $2.00/lb.  Which is a little pricey.  I know the grocery store will have them for $.79/lb., later in the season (Fuyu persimmons are selling for $.49/lb., this week).  I love persimmons, so I will be buying more later, when they go on sale.  But for now, I bought 3 persimmons for $2.00. They are ripening in the fruit bowl, right now.

Do you go to a farmers market, regularly?  Do you like persimmons?


  1. I do like persimmons! They remind me of Japan. It's a relatively new thing to be able to get them in this country. A couple of years ago I took one to work and a colleague saw it on my desk. "What's THAT?" she asked. "A persimmon", I said. "Again: what's that?!" she countered. Made me laugh. They are not particularly cheap here and I almost resent paying for them as they are so abundant in Japan that they are gifted freely in the autumn, straight from the tree - however I buy them occasionally as a treat to myself and they taste just the same as I remember.

    1. You'll be happy to know that I have asked my gardener, M, to buy me a Fuyu persimmon tree to plant in my garden, this year! My daughter loves them, too. It will be several years before the tree will bear fruit (at least 10 years after planting, I've been told), but, I am hoping to be around to enjoy them in 10 years' time! :D


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