Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Goals

My October goals are very similar to the September goals.   This is quite normal for me because my goals don't change all that much from month to month.

Spiritual: Continue with daily devotions/meditations; host the monthly prayer meeting; attend special seasonal ceremonies at the temple

Environment: Outside: continue to spruce up the garden. Inside: Continue to clean and declutter

DD: Continue to be supportive with in-person visits and on-line visits

Family: Get together with family once

Friends: Visit 2 friends; e-mails & phone calls

Career: Work on assignments in a timely manner

Finances: Continue to save for next semester's tuition & fees!

Health: Start walking for 30 mins. 3 times a week.

Leisure/Crafts/Hobbies: Reward myself with 30 mins. crafting time for each 30 mins. of walking; finish knitting the blouse for DD, sew cushion covers, start planting a fall garden

Time Management: Multi-task!

Let's see how well I do with my goals this month!

How about you?  Anyone making any goals for October?

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