Thursday, October 2, 2014

October Grocery Budget

I did well with my September grocery budget, spending $56 on items for myself and the remaining $19 on groceries for daughter. 

The October grocery budget is another $75.  This will be augmented from my entertainment budget because I will be hosting a prayer luncheon later this month.

As always, I will be buying items that are on sale to get the most for my money, and using coupons when I can.  

I made a big pot of chicken and vegetable soup, last night, and had some for dinner.  There are several more portions of soup for future meals.  I think I will freeze some, as well.

Went to the farmers market, this morning, and bought a loaf of French bread: $2.50

Lunch tomorrow will be egg salad sandwich; dinner will be soup and French bread.

Do you have a grocery budget?  If so, how did you do with keeping to your budget in September?  Are you keeping to the same budgeted amount for October?


  1. I do budget my groceries. It is only hubby and my self. We have 2 grown children who have families of their own..
    I budget $200 a month, and this is for groceries personals, and cleaning.[since groceries are going up so high, it is getting harder and harder to keep within budget.ha]

    1. I agree that it is getting harder to keep to a budget when grocery prices are on the rise. Even the sale prices are no longer as good a deal as they used to be.


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