Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Monday: Bulk Cooking

Today, I did some bulk cooking for daughter, while she was on campus.

Daughter had bought a package of frozen shrimp on sale for $5/12 oz. package  (comes out to be $6.67/lb, which is not bad for shrimp).  I cooked the shrimp and we had some of it for lunch, with rice, broccoli, lentils and cucumber salad.  Afterwards, I kept half of the leftover shrimp in a container in the fridge for her to eat later in the week and froze the remaining half.

I also cut up and cooked a whole chicken she had in the freezer.  I made a chicken curry, and we had some of it for dinner.  I packaged and froze the rest.

I also made a spicy onion relish for her (onions are sliced and sauted with spices and a little sugar).

Daughter has 3 upcoming exams, next week - she won't have to cook when she's busy with her studying.   I have filled her fridge and freezer with several cooked dishes.  All daughter has to do, when she wants a mom-cooked meal, is reheat something from the fridge or freezer.  

 I like bulk cooking, as it means each dish can yield several future meals.

Tomorrow, my visit to daughter will come to an end and I will leave to go back home, again.   

Does anyone else do bulk cooking?


  1. I live alone and do a lot of bulk cooking. Today I made a pot of soup and will eat it for lunch and dinner today and probably tomorrow also(I don't get bored very easily if its something I like!). Then I will divide what's left into some lidded bowls that hold about a serving each and pop them into the freezer.

    1. I like the idea of freezing the soup in single serving sized lidded bowls. You can take out just what is needed and not worry about leftovers.

  2. Bless I also like to bulk cook. If I do any cooking for myself I like to at least make two servings, and freeze one for a busy time. I also made some soups and stews a few weeks back for the colder weather.

    1. It's the best way to bulk cook, I think; making extra of whatever you are cooking and freezing the extra portion or two.


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