Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday: Back Home and More Pomegranates

I came back home from my visit to my daughter, today.  I got a bit teary-eyed, saying goodbye to her, this morning.  We said our morning devotions together, then, I put gas to the car, dropped daughter off on campus, and set off on the drive home.  It was a good drive.  I was home by early afternoon.

I unpacked what I had brought home, did a load of laundry, aired the house, checked the mail, paid a bill, made a couple of phone calls, watered the front garden, and picked the rest of the pomegranates.  This year, I was able to pick about 14 pomegranates from the tree.  Some of the fruits were rather small (less than 3 inches in diameter), but the others were 3-4 inches in diameter.  Pomegranates are selling for $2 each at one supermarket and at $.79/lb. at another, this week.  But there's more satisfaction picking and eating fruit from one's trees, isn't there?

Did you have a good day, today?

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