Monday, October 6, 2014

October Grocery Shopping: Week 1

I went to Costco on Saturday to do my quarterly stocking, except it was more of a semi-annual stock up, since I hadn't been to Costco in over 6 months (my membership expired in March!)  I renewed my membership and bought household supplies, pet food and groceries.  Unfortunately, I seem to have lost the receipt. Must have dropped it when I was loading the car. Anyway, going by what I can recall of the prices (and rounding up to next dollar where I forget the cents), I spent about $110 on groceries:

25 lb. rice: $10
10 lb. rice: $5
10 lb. sugar: $4.19
6 cans corned beef: $20
2 bottles Worcestershire sauce: $7
4 bottles apple cider: $8.49
30 cans Ensure: $33
4 lb. smoked sausages: $10
4 lb. butter: $12.49

Some of what I bought, like the smaller bag of rice and one of the bottles of Worcestershire sauce, are for daughter.  The apple cider and smoked sausages are for the upcoming luncheon; my grocery budget for this month has been augmented from the entertainment budget  and the unspent summer stock up funds.

Apart from all that, I also did the regular grocery shopping on Sunday. Went to the ethnic grocery store and bought:

2+ lbs. (5 pieces) chicken drumsticks, $.79/lb = $1.75
5 lbs. lentils, $1.29/lb = $6.45
1 cucumber, $.25
1 papaya, $.79/lb = $1.26
2 lb. bananas, $.49/lb = $.99
apples, $.49/lb = $.63
grapes, $.99/lb = $1.54
1 loaf of Italian bread, $2.39
1 packet amaretti cookies, $2.19
1 packet chilli powder = $1.99

Spent $19.44

Some of the lentils are for the upcoming luncheon and some will be given to daughter.

I made a curry with the chicken drumsticks.

Today's meal plan:
Breakfast:  bread & butter with a banana
Lunch:  corned beef sandwich, diced papaya and amaretti cookies
Dinner: rice, chicken curry, and cucumber salad; chocolate pudding for dessert.

Tomorrow's meal plan will be more or less the same as today's, minus the chocolate pudding.

Anyone else do quarterly stocking up?


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