Saturday, October 18, 2014

Love is a Wild Goose Chase Quilt

Love is a Wild Goose Chase Quilt

This is a quilt I made for my daughter.  Like the majority of my quilts, it's a scrap quilt designed to use up some of the stash.  In fact, the majority of the fabric pieces had been cut years ago, just so I could reduce the stash into something a little more manageable.

This quilt sort of evolved as I sewed it.  First the inner section of hearts, representing love, of course.  Surrounded by a row of small bricks, which represents a wall.  Surrounded by a moat (green border).  Love is kept safely protected by a wall and a moat.  Maybe it is a castle. 

The triangles are, of course, geese, flying.  When flying geese are sewn going around, end to end, it's a quilt pattern known as a "wild goose chase".  The geese start out on the upper right corner, against a background of pale blue and pale pink "sky" triangles, representing early morning sunrise.  The background triangles change to brighter blue, representing day time and then, to grey - the geese have flown into a storm!  Most of the geese continue to fly through the storm into the sunset (pink background triangles) and night (dark blue triangles), which gives way to dawn, again.

But I still had more geese with a grey background leftover.  So, I sewed them flying in the opposite direction - they are the geese who lost their direction due to the storm.  Maybe if they follow the yellow flower bordered brick path, they might find their way to the rest of the flock.  Maybe the geese will find their way to the love held safely inside the castle.

I do hope that when my daughter does find love, she won't find it to be a wild goose chase!

For me, the part I like the best is the piecing, so I chose to tie this quilt instead of quilting it.  I backed it with some cotton flannel I had in my stash. 

I rather like the story I built into the quilt, don't you?


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    1. Thank you. You do some lovely sewing, yourself.

  2. How lovely. I like this even better than the fan quilt! And the story is great! I hope that the quilt is still going strong!

    1. Thank you, Lady Ella. Yes, my daughter has the quilt on her bed in her apartment. She has the fan quilts, too - one is up in Berkeley with her, the other is on her bed here, at home. :)


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