Friday, October 24, 2014

When Storage Is Full

Last weekend, I tried to get the house ready for company.  One of the difficulties I face when I try to clear and organize a room is the lack of available storage. It seems that all my storage spaces are already full!

It is difficult to clear the table tops when there is no place to put away the stuff that's sitting on top of the tables!

It is difficult to file that stack of papers when the file cabinet is crammed full of papers, already!

As a result, I find myself putting things away anywhere there is space and not necessarily where items should go.

The counters and tables were cleared, but the cabinets and drawers are crowded and crammed full.  A few boxes got shoved under a bed, a pile of paper was swept into a grocery bag and stored under a desk, a few more things got dumped into a laundry basket and hidden in the closet!  It was a temporary solution, but not a good way to deal with the stuff.
Ideally, one should have a space for everything and keep everything in its place.  Not easy when one tends to be a collector of stuff (sounds better than a packrat, doesn't it?)   I truly do enjoy having everything nicely organized.

But, how does one organize when storage is full? Do you declutter the storage to make more room? Do you add more storage space? What would you do?


  1. I do understand your problem! I have decluttered quite a bit and I also have a floored attic space with pull-down access that I use to keep things I seldom if ever use. I think I've read that you have a garage. Why don't you get some bins with very tight fitting lids and store some of your keepsakes or seldom used items there? If there isn't enough garage floor space, mount some shelves higher up and out of the way. Do you think something like that would help?

    1. Yes, I do have a garage. Unfortunately, there's stuff stored there, too! Sigh. I just have too much stuff! Thank you for commenting.


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