Thursday, October 9, 2014

Wednesday: Dehumidifiers and Windfall Oranges

Today, daughter received the dehumidifier I had ordered for her!  It has been so humid in her apartment and she's been fighting mold in her bathroom; we are hoping that the dehumidifier will help reduce the humidity and prevent the mold from growing again. 

It's been another quiet day for me.  I went to the office, did a bit of house cleaning before and after work, and spent half an hour weeding in the back garden.  I have 6 circular flower beds that are being over-run by weeds!  I've finished weeding one of the circular beds and started on the second one this evening. 

I had just finished weeding when I found the 3 barely ripe oranges that had fallen from the tree.  Windfall oranges?  I wonder why these oranges fell from the tree when they weren't ripe.  I wonder if it is a sign of not enough water?  We are in the 3rd year of drought and I've cut back on watering and the recent heat wave (100+F) probably stressed the orange tree.

So what does one do with 3 just starting to ripen oranges?  They'd be sour as they were, but oranges don't ripen off the tree, so there was no point in keeping them to get riper and sweeter.  At the same time, I was reluctant to just throw them away, even on the compost heap.  So, I peeled two of them, cut them into chunks and sprinkled them with sugar.  They tasted a little like grapefruit.  I will have the last one, tomorrow.  In the meantime, I got my recommended daily allowance of vitamin C and garden-fresh organic fruit. 

I tossed a bit of the cut off orange peel down the garbage disposal to freshen that - works just as well as lemon peel, in my opinion. 

How was your Wednesday?  What would you have done with barely ripe windfall oranges?

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