Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Everyday Doings

I had a phone call, yesterday, from one of my cousins who lives overseas.  It's always lovely when family and friends call to keep in touch.  I always enjoy reading those holiday newsletters that some people send with their holiday greetings, too.  I like finding out what they have been doing and what's going on in their lives.  But then, they ask me, "What have you been doing?" and I tend to answer, "Oh, nothing much.  Going to work, coming home, doing stuff around the house."   Because, truly, that's what I do on a daily basis!  I generally don't have a lot of things going on.  I did, however, tell my cousin that daughter has moved away to go to university and I have been going to visit her on a regular basis and that I've started a blog.  Those are the highlights of my life, recently.  But the vast majority of my daily life revolves around going to work, taking care of the house and garden, being there for my daughter, etc.  It's a relatively tranquil life and one I enjoy. 

So here's what I've been doing the past couple of days:

Yesterday (Monday), I had to drag myself to the office, in the morning; I really would have liked to have called in and taken the day off! Once I was at the office, however, I was fine.  On the way home in the evening, I stopped and put gas to the car.  Then, came home and took the trash cans to the curb for trash collection in the morning.  Later, one of my neighbors came over to install a new faucet in the bathroom - the old one stopped working a week ago (no water would come out when it was opened).  I had to run to the store to buy 2 faucet hoses, but now I have a working faucet in the 2nd bathroom.  Useful things, working faucets.   Later, I cooked dinner (rice and chicken curry), made a cucumber salad, ate dinner, and watched some TV.  Then, I stayed up too late, as usual, playing computer games!

Today, I went to work without any problems.  Came home and did a little more weeding in the back garden and then, when it got too dark to see what I was weeding, I put water to the front garden.   Later, I made some phone calls to family and friends to invite them to the prayer meeting I'm hosting, called another neighbor to thank her for bringing in my trash cans for me (she and her husband do this almost every week!), scheduled a doctor's appointment, wrote an e-mail to a friend, and video chatted with daughter.  In a bit, I will pack my lunch, do the dishes, clean the litter box and get ready for bed.  

And there you have it - an account of what I've done in the past two days, yesterday and today.

How have your days been?  What have you been doing?

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