Friday, July 19, 2019

Shopping on Friday

I was tired, last night, and went to bed relatively early for me (by 1:00 a.m.).  But, I had a rather restless night and kept waking up every hour or so.  In addition, I had some rather disturbing dreams; in the last one, I had come home after being out with my daughter and went in search of my mother to tell her we were home and found her body on the bathroom floor! Yes, there was a time when I came home after shopping with my daughter, and found my mother on the floor in the family room - she had had a stroke and a heart attack, and knocked her head on the edge of the table, as well.  I guess my dream was a replay of that event, except, in my dream, I found her in the bathroom of my childhood home in Sri Lanka!  After that, I couldn't fall asleep, again.

We noticed that Dancer was scratching and biting himself, so I flea combed him and, yes, I found three unwelcome visitors on him!  Sigh.  It's summer and flea season is upon us!  We applied his monthly flea meds, earlier this month - it is supposed to be absorbed through his skin and go into his blood stream and, according to the theory, when the fleas bite him, they get poisoned and die.  In the meantime, I will continue to flea comb him as often as I can (he doesn't like it and tries to bite me, when I comb him), do more laundry (sofa dust sheets, my bed sheets, etc.), and vacuum more often.

So, today, I washed the sofa dust sheets, sprayed the sofas with flea spray, and put the other set of dust sheets on (white sheets which will show any specks more easily than the floral sheets).  Then, I washed the quilts, blankets, and the sheets that were on my bed and put new sheets.  I also vacuumed the bedrooms again, the hallway, and daughter's bathroom  But, I ran short of energy to do the living room, family room, etc.  I guess I'll do them, tomorrow.

In the afternoon, daughter and I went shopping.  First, to the fabric store to buy navy blue thread to match the dress she will be wearing to her friend's wedding.  Daughter is one of the bridesmaids and her dress needs to be shortened.  We looked around the fabric store, but didn't buy anything else.

Daughter's New Dresses

Then, we went to our favorite discount clothing shop.  Earlier, they had closed most of their branches, but, this one store, which was their original store, is still open.  Daughter found 16 items for herself and a pair of shorts for me to wear around the house, for $94.94 with tax.  The most expensive item she bought was a white floral dress for $9.99; the least expensive item was a short sleeved blouse, with peplum, for $1.66.

Blouses and Shorts ($1.66 blouse on the right)

Other items included another dress ($7.99), blouses ($5.99-$7.99), T-shirts ($3.99@), strappy tank tops ($1.99@), and a couple of pairs of shorts ($3.99@) for herself.

She mostly wanted dresses and blouses for office wear and T-shirt to wear when she's taking acrobatics classes.

Casual/Work Out Wear
After that, we came home because M was coming to do the garden and I wanted him to put up the room air conditioner for me.  He watered the garden, front and back, for me, as well.  We also found a baby possum under one of the bushes!  We left it there as I believe the mother possum was somewhere around (it comes to eat the garden cats' food).

I have felt slightly nauseated, all day.  So, I had a mango for breakfast, some saltine crackers for lunch, and a scrambled egg with boiled potatoes for dinner.  I don't think I am coming down with anything, but, I am planning to have another early night, tonight.  Hopefully, I'll be able to sleep.

Today, I am grateful for:
- A working washer and dryer (especially helpful when doing multiple loads of laundry in one day)
- Daughter found some good buys at the clothing store
- My new pair of shorts that daughter bought for me (I now have two pairs of shorts!)
- M tending to the garden for me
- Being able to flea comb Dancer

Friday's To Do List:
- Water the garden, front and back - DONE (by M)
- Go shopping with daughter - DONE

Saturday's To Do List:
- Take daughter to her friend's house
- Vacuum the rest of the house
- Put away the washed quilts and blankets for the summer
- Buy two gifts for a friend and for a neighbor who are celebrating birthdays
- Attend neighbor's birthday party
- Pick up daughter from her friend's house
- Attend the other party at Aunt T's house

How was your Friday?  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I love the light blue top with tucks and buttons (picture 3 bottom left) I'd wear that myself!

    1. She liked that style, and got three in different colors, as you can see. :)

  2. I hope that by the time you read this you are feeling much better.
    Your daughter managed to get some great clothing bargains at the store, I especially love the blouses, the colours are gorgeous. X

    1. I'm feeling better, this morning, Jules, thank you.

      Yes, she always finds some good deals at this store. She was looking for a long black skirt, too, but didn't find one, this time. We'll keep looking.

  3. Bless, no wonder you were feeling tired. Laundry alone was a big job. Feeling nauseated is not good. I hope you will have a relaxing weekend and feel better.

    1. Thank you, Nil. I'm feeling much better, today. I've a bit of a busy day planned, but, I won't overdo things.

  4. What a good haul from the discount store! I especially love that floral dress but the rest of the items are great, too.

    I hope you will stay well, I see from the comment above you are feeling better, thank goodness.

    Poor Dancer and poor you having to treat him for fleas again!

    Today we discovered the Ontario equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle. We were following a perfectly straightforward route (at least it looked straightforward) but somehow our road, which should have had a right hand bend, fetched up at a T-junction with the road either side the wrong number. From there we must have made the wrong choice and it continued to be a puzzle while we drove miles through farmland with either no road numbers or the wrong road numbers until, after nearly an hour, we somehow managed to get to a part of the route that we were aiming for and from then on we were fine!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady; she wore the floral dress tonight to a party at my aunt's house and received several compliments on it. :)

      I'm feeling much better, today, thank you.

      Oh, that road sounds very confusing and a bit scary, too! I'm glad you still managed to get back on the road you were supposed to be on!

  5. Oh, know! Fleas again. I hope your prompt response will extinguish them quickly because as you know they are no fun for anyone. However, what does sound like fun is the shopping trip to the discount clothing store. It's always fun to get pretty clothes for a discount price. I think the flowered dress is my favorite out of the bunch.

    1. I know. We are not at all happy about the fleas, but, I guess, as long as the garden cats are around, we will have a problem. I'll probably give Dancer his next dose of flea meds a little sooner and hope that takes care of it.

      Daughter was very happy with her new clothes. The white floral dress is very flattering on her. She wore it to the party, last night, and received several compliments.

      I hope you are doing well in the heat wave you are experiencing. Try and keep cool!

  6. I also suspected fleas on Alex, but the flea comb reveals nothing

    1. Well, that's good that the flea comb didn't reveal anything! I hope it continues to be that way. :)

  7. Hi Bless, I hope you are feeling better. My Friday was enjoyable. I watered the garden and did some cooking. I'm still resting after my train trip to Yosemite. Will get laundry and paperwork done today.

    1. Hi Stephenie, yes, I'm feeling, better, thank you. Sounds like you had a nice day on Friday. Glad to hear that you are resting from the trip. I, too, am doing laundry today!


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