Saturday, July 13, 2019

Catching Up

Ha, ha, I almost titled this post, "Meanwhile, back at the ranch", but, I figured we needed a break from the museum and all things Western!

This has been a relatively quiet week.  The temperatures have been in the mid to upper 90s and too hot to do anything much!

On Wednesday, the oncologist's office called to inform me that I had been scheduled for my mammogram.  I called the radiology department and confirmed the date and time.  Next Tuesday, at 1:00 p.m., but, I am to be there at 12:45 p.m.  I also took the time to update my appointment book and the calendar at home.  I have two medical appointments scheduled for the rest of this month, two in August, and a blood test and a doctor's visit in September.  

My sister had called and left a message on Tuesday, when I was at the museum, so I called her back and chatted with her, a bit, on Wednesday morning.  My aunt, too, had called to confirm receipt of the package with her father's medals, etc., saying it was so nice to see them and all the other sentimental things I had included in the package and thanking me for sending them to her.  I am so glad I was able to send them to her.  I also renewed one set of library books that were coming due - I had read one book, started on the other, but hadn't even opened the third book I had borrowed!  I now have time till the end of the month to read them.

On Thursday, I planned to do all the housework I hadn't done on Wednesday, but, as I told one of my friends, I looked around the house, decided it wasn't all that dirty that I needed to clean it, and spent the day writing a blog post, reading, and baking muffins!  I did do a load of laundry and I watered the houseplants.  Oh, and I did dishes and mopped the kitchen floor. 

On Friday, I chatted with Aunt T, remade daughter's bed with fresh sheets, and washed the quilt that was on her bed.  I also cleaned her bathroom.  In the evening, friend M came to attend to the garden and he watered the garden, front and back, for me.  Later in the evening, I drove to the airport to pick up my daughter!  She is here for the weekend, then, on Monday, I have to drive her to Anaheim for a conference she is attending.  She will  stay at a hotel there, with some of her colleagues, for the duration of the conference.  Then, on Thursday evening, I will pick her up and bring her home.  She will spend Friday and Saturday with me and fly back on Sunday.  

I felt rather tired, last night, and had a bit of a headache, as well.  So, I went to bed fairly early for me - at 12:30 a.m.!  I got up once, around 2:30 a.m., when I heard my daughter heading to bed (yes, she's a night owl, too!) and again at 3:30 a.m. to go to the bathroom, but, slept until 9:30 a.m., when my alarm went off.  

Today, my daughter had arranged to get together with one of her friends.  So, I dropped her off at her friend's apartment (and gave her the rest of the blueberry muffins to share).

I did some shopping on the way home.  I needed to get a gift for my friend R for her birthday and I picked up a few groceries, as well.  I didn't take a photo of my groceries, but, I bought:

1 quart half and half = $2.79
cherries @ $.99/lb = $1.92
bananas @ $.59/lb = $.89
4 frozen dinners @$2.00 = $8.00
1 package (3 lb) frozen bread dough = $4.29
Total = $17.89

July grocery budget = $100
Spent to date = $23.56 + $5.78 + $20.16 + $17.89 = $67.39

Amount left in the budget = $100 - $67.39 = $32.61

My plans for the rest of the day include some reading, another load or two of laundry, and picking up daughter from her friend's house later in the evening.

Today, I am grateful for:
- My daughter is home for another visit and she had a safe flight home (though turbulent, she said)
- She's able to get together with her friend on this visit
- Electric fans!
- The tall gentleman at the grocery store who obliged me and took down the quart of half and half that was beyond my reach!
- The new skirt I am wearing (from the bag of clothes I got from Aunt T; this skirt still had its tags on it!)

Well, what do you know?  A whole post without any pictures!  Can't have that, can we?

SPSH Prompt #5: The Word Summer
How was your week?  What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Good to know that your father's medals, etc. arrived safely, also that your daughter arrived safely.
    We had breakfast with friends this morning, hadn't been able to get together with them for weeks so it was good to catch up, and since the restaurant wasn't busy, we were able to take our time. That's the beauty of being in a small town!

    1. That sounds like it was a lovely breakfast with your friends, Bushlady. I'm glad you were able to take your time and not hurry! :)

  2. How nice to have your daughter again for the weekend. Will she be presenting at the conference?
    This morning I went to a flea market and bought several vegetables, including a banana flower. Now I’m waiting until mom comes back from Sunday market to call her and ask how to cook it. 😊

    1. Yes, Nil, she will be presenting! She's a bit nervous about it, but, I know she will do well. Several of her colleagues are presenting, too, and her supervisor will also be there.

      I haven't cooked banana flower, myself, but, I think you have to slice it and soak it for a few minutes before cooking it! But, Amma will know. :)

  3. You sound busy and happy. That's a lot of driving! I am mostly doing chores this weekend. I chatted on the phone with a friend this afternoon, and am doing yoga before bed.

    1. I don't feel like I am being all that busy, though! I guess it's because I have more time, now, to do all these things.

      Daughter looked up coming back from Anaheim by metro, but it was going to take about 3 hours (she'd have to take a bus from Anaheim to downtown and transfer to the subway, she was saying). So, it will be faster for me to drive down and pick her up. It's OK; I don't mind driving. :)

      Hope you are doing OK with the heat. Enjoy your weekend.

  4. How lovely to have your daughter visiting again. I am seeing both my girls in 11 days time, can't wait!

    1. It's good to have her home again, Angela. I hope you have a lovely time with your two girls! :)

  5. I've learnt another new thing ... I didn't know it was possible to buy frozen bread dough!

    I hope you enjoy your time with your daughter. I'm just having a quiet day at home.

    1. Oh, yes, the bread dough comes in three loaves - one can just plop one into a loaf pan, let it rise, and bake! Or, thaw it and make other things with it - I intend to make rolls or buns with meat filling, inside.

      I am planning to take my friend out to brunch, for her birthday, and maybe visit the Japanese garden with her, as well, today. Enjoy your quiet day at home. :)

  6. Well, this has been a lovely catch-up with your week, and in fact, I've reviewed a couple of weeks of our posts today. Alas I won't take time to comment on each as church is coming up. But suffice it to say, I don't really get anime - but seeing the cute characters really made me smile, so thanks for that.

    I definitely enjoyed the western museum, a bit more style and now I have added "enthobotanical" to my vocabulary, although it is too long to help me at Scrabble.

    I'll try not to be so long between blog visits the next time.

    1. Glad you enjoyed catching up on what I've been doing. No problem at all with time between visits - I sometimes do that, myself! Hope you have a lovely day.

  7. I am laughing at your being thankful for the tall gentleman! I am not short but I am not tall either and I honestly think the shelves are a bit higher than they used to be. Often I cannot reach things especially if they are pushed back a bit on the shelf, and am ever so thankful when someone with more height walks by! Conversely I can lift fairly heavy things and have put 50 pound bags of dog food in carts for people who can't pick them up. It all evens out I guess.

    1. I am definitely vertically challenged at just under 5 feet! I can manage the 30 lb. buckets of kitty litter, but, I don't think I can manage a 50 lb. anything!

  8. A good idea for a picture with the word summer in it. I'm very busy with the summer reading program at our library. Need to look around.

    1. Thank you. :) I passed by a sign saying "Summer Camp", too, but, I was driving and couldn't stop to take a picture.


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