Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Hot on Tuesday

Today, I woke up at 10:00 a.m. (after falling asleep around 2:30 a.m.) and decided to take it easy.  I had a cup of tea, replied to blog comments, and flea combed Dancer.  I found fewer on him than before (just two), but, went ahead and gave him his next dose of flea medication, 10 days early!  (I combed him, again, later in the afternoon, and didn't find anything on him; hopefully, with the new dose of medication, he will soon be flea-free!)

I had a slice of toast and a banana for breakfast and was trying to decide what to do in the afternoon, when the pharmacy called, saying they haven't had a response from the doctor's office.  I had a suspicion that they were calling the old doctor's office and I wondered if I gave them the old insurance card by mistake, yesterday.  So, I went to the pharmacy in the afternoon and gave them my new insurance card and told the pharmacy to call that doctor, instead.  The person who attended to me checked their computer system to see if any refills were due and, according to her, there was nothing due.  Neither she nor I could figure out what they were calling me about, in the morning, and I had forgotten to get the name of the person who called me.  Oh, well.

After that, I went to the dollar store to buy some dishwashing detergent and a few cans of lemon-lime soda.  I try not to drink soda, but, I've been feeling a bit nauseated, again, and I feel that the soda helps to relieve the nausea.  It certainly helped, today.

It was hot in the afternoon, today (103F).  I considered turning on the air conditioner in the bedroom, but I didn't.  Instead, I managed with the fan, went through this week's grocery ads, finished reading the book I had borrowed from my friend, watched news on TV, dozed a bit on the sofa, and brooded about the housework I didn't do because it was too hot to clean the house, today!

In the evening, I watered the garden, front and back, helped neighbor T bring in her trash can (my good deed for the day), handwashed the skirt I wore to water the garden because it got splashed with mud, and  put out the six bags of donations by the front door for pick up in the morning, tomorrow (I probably won't be up in time to put them out in the morning before the donations pick up van arrives!)

Today, I am grateful for:
- Electric fans
- Lemon-lime soda (even if soda is bad for you)
- Helpful pharmacy staff
- Cool evenings
- Books to read

Tuesday's accomplishments:
- Watered the garden
- Watered the house plants
- Went to the pharmacy again
- Went to the dollar store
- Gave Dancer another dose of flea medication
- Cleaned his litter box
- Brought the trash cans in
- Put the donations out for pick up in the morning

Wednesday's To Do List:
- Dust the house
- Vacuum
- Do the dishes/run the dishwasher

How was your Tuesday?  How are you coping with the summer heat?


  1. In here it is so hot right now☺

    1. I'm sorry to hear that, Natalia. I heard on the news that this is one of the hottest summers on record in Europe. Stay cool!

  2. Always trouble with dr. appts! I always think that one has to retire just to have the time to deal with that. That is very hot. On the other hand, 52 this morning here feels cold and premature....I miss the hot summers. Andrea

    1. 52F is rather cold for a summer morning, isn't it? Hope you have many more hot summer days before the cooler days of fall!

  3. Fleas can be so difficult to get rid of. They have a 7-10 hatch cycle and I’m told that even if your home is flea free, you can have an entirely new batch of them when the next cycle of eggs hatch. What an ongoing nightmare those little critters are. The monthly flea preventative (chewable) our pups have taken for years has done the trick. The topical treatments never worked well for us. Hoping you are flea free soon!

    1. They certainly are very challenging to get rid of, Carolyn. I think I need to get the garden sprayed, professionally.

  4. Is the nausea to do with the heat or does it relate to one of you medicines? I hope you can get it sorted as I know from experience that it is really miserable feeling like that.

    1. I do experience some nausea from some of my medications, but, nausea can also be a sign that my blood sugar levels are low (which might be why the soda works as well as it does!)

  5. It’s hot here, but not even close to 103°F.
    Because I’m home, I eat more than usual, and cook more often. So the kitchen gets hot very quickly. I’m not looking forward to this month’s electric bill.

    I wonder why felt nauseous again. I hope are all well now.

    1. Yes, but you have more humidity, there, so it can feel more uncomfortable at a lower temperature. It will get hotter, here, before the summer is over!

      The nausea might be due to a side effect of some of my medications, dehydration, or low blood sugar, or a combination! I try to drink plenty of water, but, sometimes, the amount I drink might not be enough, especially since I am on a diuretic. Keeping my blood sugar levels stable is an ongoing battle, too, because I am not always consistent with meal times and what I eat, etc.

  6. Sorry to hear about the nausea and I hope it will go away.

    It doesn't seem to be so unbearably hot this year where we are. Maybe it is drier than in previous summers. There has been the odd time when I have felt the humidity but so far not too much. When I do feel it, I'm not too proactive re. housework either!

    1. Thank you, Bushlady; I have felt fine, today. I'm glad it's not too hot where you are. Enjoy the pleasant summer while you can. :)


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