Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Warm Monday

Weekends are nice, but, unfortunately, they are followed by Mondays!  It was a warm Monday, too, with triple digit temperatures.

I had my radiation treatment, as usual; everything went well and I got home without any problems.  Spent the afternoon and evening doing office work. Later in the evening, I cleaned out the fridge, emptied the waste baskets, took out the recycling, and took the trash cans to the curb.  I had planned to water the garden, but didn't get around to it.  Will add it to Tuesday's to do list.

I am still a day behind with my decluttering.  But I decluttered 24 items for July 24:

July 24 Decluttering
16 cassette tapes; I used to listen to them on my commutes when I drove my previous cars which had built-in cassette players.  The present car has a cd player.  I do have two cassette players in the house, but I rarely listen to the tapes when I am home.

1 cassette tape organizer

1 empty box

1 brass frame from a mirror which broke; I kept it thinking I might be able to find a round mirror to fit into it, but it seems unlikely

1 plastic bucket from when two of daughter's friends gave me homemade candy to help with my nausea

2 candle holders

2 ornaments

Today, I am grateful for:

- Safe drives to the clinic and back.
- Air conditioning in the car!
- Treatments going well, so far.
- Video chatting with daughter.
- Being able to work from home as needed.


  1. My husband has a 45 minute commute and he listens to audio books in the car. Well done on the decluttering, you are inspiring. x

    1. I've been listening to music cd's or the radio during commutes. I've quite a collection of those, as well!

  2. You're doing great with your decluttering! I also didn't get to water the garden yesterday. It's was about 114F in the shade at 3:30 this afternoon when I went to clean New Kitty's litter box outside and I thought I would melt so I think I'll do that tonight once the sun is down.

    Greg has decided to keep his Spotify Premium subscription because he listens to it during his commute via his iPhone. I wish we didn't spend $12.99 a month on that since there are several FREE radio stations to listen to. And we also have many CDs but I don't know anyone who listens to CDs in cars anymore. I should declutter those but I have a sentimental attachment to them! I don't want to burn them because if something goes wrong, then all that music is gone forever unless I buy the albums again. This constant evolution of technology is a pain in the frugal patootie!

    1. Oh, that is way too hot to be outside!

      My problem is, I tend to run out of evening, before I finish my to do list! :D

      My daughter listens to her music in the car, using her iPhone, too. I am happy with my CDs, because being able to listen to them in the car is still new to me. I grew up listening to a hand-cranked record player! :)

  3. Bless, most glass shops will custom cut a mirror for your brass frame. The issue is whether it's cost effective. You could e-mail the most convenient location and cc others further out, possibly as far as airport since you regularly pick up daughter. I'd also ask Home Depot and Lowe's type big box outlets.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, Hon! Maybe I'll check Home Depot, etc. The brass frame is from Sri Lanka, traditional design, etc.


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