Sunday, July 10, 2016

July Grocery Shopping Part 2

Spent a quiet morning, at home, today.  Watched some Wimbledon tennis on TV.  Later in the afternoon, daughter and I went to the pharmacy to pick up my medication refills and did the rest of our grocery shopping.

July 9 Groceries
1 Baguette = $1.99
6 Bagels = $1.99
2 Frozen dinners, @$1.88 = $3.76
2 lb. Strawberries, @$1.25 = $2.50
2 Turkey cold cuts, @$1.50 = $3.00
Cherries, @$1.99/lb = $4.14
1 container parmesan cheese = $1.99
Total = $19.37

The cherries, one packet of cold cuts, one container of strawberries and half the bagels are for daughter to take back with her, along with the cantaloupe and plums we bought the other day.

When I came home and set out the groceries to take a picture, I realized that I had forgotten to take the baguette with the rest of my groceries!  So daughter and I drove back to the store!  The cashier had put aside the baguette for me!  I guess he knew I'd be back for it!  Daughter and I had some of the baguette with some of the turkey cold cuts, after we came home (and I took the picture).

Then, I took daughter to meet up with one of her friends, and, on the way back, I stopped at another grocery store for the chicken leg quarters that were on sale for $.49/lb. this week.

Chicken Leg Quarters
I asked the butcher for 7 individual leg quarters, which came to just over 7 lbs. and cost $3.65.

So, my grocery totals for today add up to:  $19.37 + $3.65 = $23.02.
Grocery spending so far in July =  $12.25 + $23.02 = $35.27

After I came home, I cut up the chicken and cooked a chicken curry.  I froze most of it.  Daughter will take half of it back with her.   In the two years she's been at Berkeley, she's never seen chicken go on sale for less than $.99/lb. 

I will need to buy more bread for the week, though, because, between the two of us, daughter and I ate most of the baguette, today!

Today's decluttering is mostly thanks to daughter going through some of her books:

July 9 Decluttering
But, for the purpose of my song, I'm claiming the credit!

"On the ninth day of July, Bless did declutter
Nine of daughter's books"

Today, I am grateful for:
- A relaxed morning
- The cashier holding the baguette for me
- Daughter's company while grocery shopping, etc.
- Daughter was able to spend some time with one of her friends
- Pleasant weather

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. 


  1. That baguette looked good. I'm not surprised you finished it between you. Worth going back for.
    We had some "free" food today. DH had picked a few wild blueberries which I washed and we ate some, with frozen yogurt for him and homemade unsweetened yogurt for me. We still talk of the year when the wild berry patches in the yard produced enough to freeze. Not too many this year, but the blackberries are looking good, if they get the right amount of rain and sun over the next few weeks.

    I found one Monarch caterpillar on our milkweed plants. How I love the scent of the milkweed flowers in the early evening! The plants themselves will look dreadful later on, but right now they are a joy!

    This is such a lovely time of year and we are fortunate in that we have had some cooler weather and the much needed rain. I hope you get enough rain soon, and that your week will go well.

    1. Wild blueberries with blackberries to follow! Yum! I remember picking blackberries when I was in Wisconsin and making jam with them.

      Glad the weather has cooled off a bit for you and you got some rain too. No rain in our forecast.

      Thank you for the good wishes for the week, Bushlady. Hope you, too, have a blessed week.


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