Friday, July 8, 2016

Ten Percent Completed!

Today, I had my third radiation treatment.  Three out of a total of thirty treatments done!  I have completed 10% of my radiation treatments!  Yay, me!  LOL.  So far, so good!  No visible redness or skin changes, soreness, etc.  I must be more thick-skinned than I thought!  Yes, pun intended!  :D

As usual, I was about 15 minutes early for my appointment and I was called in as soon as I arrived, so no waiting and I was done early!

I worked on office stuff before and after my appointment.  I was able to finish this week's assignment and send it off by the end of the work day.  That leaves me free to enjoy the weekend without needing to catch up on office work.

Today's decluttering:

Eight Rubber Stamps
A new verse for my decluttering song:

"On the eighth day of July, Bless did declutter,
Eight rubber stamps (etc., etc., etc.)"

Well, here's what I actually decluttered:

July 8 Decluttering
1 stamping kit including 8 rubber stamps, 6 markers, a stamp pad, some envelopes
1 old planner
1 Halloween themed flash light
1 empty box
2 Fairy candle holders
1 digital camera and case
1 set of ear plugs

= 8 items in all

In addition, one glass broke when I was doing the dishes this evening, so that's another item that got decluttered, albeit unintentionally.

Today, my gardener friend took some cuttings from one of the euphorbia plants and planted them along the back wall to fill in a bare section of the planting bed.  Previously, I had oleanders and roses growing there, but they all died.  The euphorbia should do well there and once established, won't need much watering. 

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being 10% done with my radiation treatments
- Not feeling any side effects, so far
- Completing this week's office work
- Free plants for the garden from cuttings
- Slowly getting rid of the clutter

Daughter and I have no special plans for the weekend.  We'll have a quiet day, tomorrow and maybe do some grocery shopping.  I also need to go to the pharmacy to pick up my medication refills.

How was your day, today?  Have you any plans for the weekend?


  1. Congratulations on 10% completed already and all the decluttering! You rock! Have a great day!

  2. I am glad the treatment is progressing well. Brilliant decluttering! My weekend is fab - incredibly wet here, but I really don't care, I am spending it with my baby granddaughter!

    1. Lucky you to spend the weekend with little Rosie! Before I go in for each treatment, I try to say the Bible verse you sent me (Isaiah 43:2). I put my own interpretation on the words. When I had my chemo therapy, I imagined that the chemo fluids were the waters and the rivers; now I am imagining that the radiation is the fire. :)

  3. Doing a "Happy Dance" with you today.. So happy that you are 10% done with the radiation treatments. And really happy , that NO side effects thus far.
    Congrats on the decluttering. I did a good bit yesterday.. I am going to Salvation army this am, and take a bag of misc. items. yea..
    So happy you are able to go do your shopping and be out some. I wondered if you would have to isolate yourself again, when the radiation started?
    Hope you and daughter have a good weekend.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Sounds like you are doing really well with your decluttering too.

      I haven't been told I need to isolate myself during radiation. I guess it doesn't compromise my immunity to the extent the chemo did.

      Hope you, too, have a good weekend, Judy.

  4. You are doing so well to keep up with your work and even managing to plan a weekend free of office work.
    As I type, I can hear something hitting the window, probably a large moth or one of those brown flying beetles that freak me out! (June bugs?) Yesterday evening I was mystified by a sound almost like dainty chimes, and began to wonder if I was hearing things, until I realized that a small flying insect was pinging against the glass shades on the dining room light fixture!
    I hope your weekend is going well.

    1. Bushlady, yes, I was glad to have my weekend free from work; usually, if I am unable to put in my usual 40 hours during the week, I work during the weekend to make up for it.

      Occasionally, a moth or a fly gets into the house and drives poor Dancer crazy as he tries to catch it!

  5. Have a great weekend ... Hoping you get rain soon. It's super dry here too (but not as severe as your area). Congrats on decluttering and so glad that so far you are free of side effects!

    1. Thank you Carolyn. It's a blessing to be free of side effects, so far. As for rain, it would be very welcome, but it rarely rains in the summer, here. Hope you, too, are having a lovely weekend.

  6. I'm really glad the radiation treatment went well. Sending hugs x

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. I must say I am rather relieved that everything seems to be going so well, so far.


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