Sunday, July 17, 2016

July Grocery Shopping Part 3

One of my friends called me this morning and asked if I was up to receiving visitors.  I said yes, of course, and she said she'd be over within the hour!  I quickly cleared the dining table (I had some of my decluttered items from yesterday spread out along with some mail and other papers), and dusted the living room and dining area.  All was nice and tidy when my friend and her daughter arrived about 45 minutes later.  We had a nice visit and caught up on each others lives since we last chatted.

Later, in the early afternoon, I went to the ethnic grocery store:

July 16 Groceries

I purchased:

Peaches, 1.25 lb @ $.49/lb = $.61
Onions, 1.01 lb @ $.25/lb = $.25
Broccoli crown, .52 lb @ $.89/lb = $.46
12 cans coconut water, @ $.69 = $8.28
Calif. Redemption Value, @ $.05/can = $.60
Cauliflower, 2.15 lb @ $.39/lb = $.84
Lettuce = $.50
Amarretti cookies = $2.19
Italian bread = $2.39
Total = $16.12

They also had red seedless grapes on sale for $.69/lb, but I didn't buy because I still have some of the grapes I bought earlier.

One reason why I go to the ethnic grocery store is the prices on their produce; in comparison, at the regular Big Chain grocery store, broccoli and cauliflower are $.99/lb; lettuce is $.99 each; peaches are $.99/lb.  I couldn't find their price on onions this week, but I'm sure it's more than $.25/lb.

July 16 Receipt

Grocery spending so far in July =  $12.25 + $23.02 + $16.12 = $51.39

I couldn't finish my decluttering yesterday, so I finished it today:

July 15 Decluttering

1 binder organizer
1 index cards binder
1 autograph album
2 packs of playing cards
1 boxed picture frame
2 empty boxes
1 battery operated Neopets toy
1 knitted mini doll
1 tassel/keyring
3 tape dispensers
- a couple of sheets of stickers
= 15 miscellaneous items

And I did today's (Saturday's) decluttering:

July 16 Decluttering

16 assorted books!

So far, I have decluttered: 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16 = 136 items.

My aunt called to say that, although she had hoped to visit me today, she was too tired/jet lagged to do so (she just returned from a week-long visit to France, yesterday).  I told her it was fine, we'll visit another time.

I spent a quiet evening, chatting with a cousin who called and video chatting with daughter.

Today, I am grateful for:
- A visit from a friend
- Being able to do my own grocery shopping, again
- Pleasant weather (today's high was only 88F)
- Keeping in touch with friends and family
- Starting to taste some foods, again.

Plans for tomorrow include going out to brunch with a friend.

Hope you are all having a nice weekend.


  1. I don't know if I've ever seen onions that cheap. Glad you had a nice visit with your friend.

    1. Thank you, Jess.

      I love the prices at this particular store. It's a little further away from my house than the regular grocery store, but worth the drive because of the prices, I think.

      Hope things are going well for you and Bubby. Just take it one day at a time.

  2. You are doing so well with the decluttering, and the food looks really fresh! x

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. I have quite a ways to go before I'll be decluttered,but I'm getting there!

      The food is quite fresh at this particular grocery store; they are constantly replenishing the produce. In fact, they were just bringing out a new lot of broccoli when I was there and I was able to take one straight out of the newly opened box.

  3. Glad to hear that you had an enjoyable visit with your friend and her daughter, and that the decluttering continues well - Whoohooo!

    I have to close my eyes to your grocery prices because our main store has a habit of putting prices up, and while I can accept a few cents, seeing a 4lb bag of apples go from $4.99 to $5.99 does not please me! We do have a budget store with a food section and I often buy produce in there if it is good quality. Otherwise there is no competition, which is the problem with our supermarket. It bothers me because I'm sure there are plenty of people who simply cannot afford some of the prices.

    We've just returned from a great 4-day trip during which we were taken to many interesting farms to see their maple syrup equipment, and yesterday, we were finally taken to see the construction site in the area, of an enormous Buddhist Temple and Gardens, which made me think of you. The unfinished Temple housed the sections of very old rosewood beams and pillars, which will be assembled eventually without nails. I loved the perfume of the rosewood!

    I hope this coming week's treatments will go well.


    1. Sounds like you've had an interesting and informative trip. :)

      That's too bad that the grocery store is able to raise prices at will because there's no competition and then people have to cut back elsewhere in order to buy food. There are a few upscale grocery stores here, with prices to match, and there are people who will shop there, but I think they do it more as a status thing. ;)

  4. How nice that you're experiencing "cooler" temps. A nice break from triple digits. We're still having 100+F and no rain in sight. Have a great week!!

    1. Thanks, Carolyn. No rain in the forecast here, either, and we'll have triple digits later in the week! Hope you have a great week, too. Stay cool and hydrated!


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