Wednesday, July 6, 2016

First Day of Radiation

Today, I had my first radiation treatment.  I am happy to say that it all went very well and I didn't feel a thing.  The whole process took less than 10 minutes and the two technicians who attended to me were both very pleasant and efficient. 

In the afternoon, I took a nap as I was feeling very sleepy.

Today's decluttering:

July 6 Decluttering
Four booklets and two user manuals.  I'll call them "six printed booklets" for the purposes of my decluttering song!

I spent a little time in the evening, tidying the small bookcase in the 3rd bedroom:

Tidied Bookcase
The top shelf has some books (some of which can be decluttered; I haven't quite decided on them, yet), a container of colored pencils, and daughter's Gamecube.  The middle shelf has scrapbooking supplies and a box of photos.  I've more scrapbooking supplies elsewhere, as well.  Eventually, I'd like to have everything in one place.  The bottom shelf has more books (mostly daughter's stuff) and a container of acrylic craft paint.  I also started on the desk that is next to the bookcase.  The 3rd bedroom is the room I have chosen to concentrate on during the month of July.  It is my guest room, crafts room, office room, and storage room.  Right now, it resembles a dump!

Daughter's flight was delayed, but she was able to get an earlier flight, instead!  And they waived the  $49 fee to switch to an earlier flight, because she was switching due to a delay of her flight.  So she arrived home a couple of hours earlier than she would have done otherwise and we were able to have dinner together.  After dinner, I cut up the peach I had harvested from my tree and shared it with her.  It tasted very sweet.   

Today, I am grateful for:
- The 1st radiation treatment went well. 
- Daughter was able to get an earlier flight and the fee to switch was waived.
- She had a safe flight home.
- Being able to have dinner together.
- Sharing the peach I picked from my tree.

How was your day? 


  1. So HAPPY to hear the radiation went well.. Prayers for you for the remaining treatments.
    So happy the peach was good, and you /daughter got to enjoy it , with her early arrival.. Have an enjoyable weekend with her
    congrats on the de-cluttering.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Just came back from the 2nd radiation treatment and that went well, too. I am feeling very hopeful. :)

  2. Sounds like everything turned out for the best today, I love it when it happens! I'm glad your radiation treatment is brief and that you didn't experience side effects, aside from needing a nap.

    Enjoy your daughter's visit!

    1. Thank you, Nathalie. Today's treatment went well, too. I am hoping that they will all be good. :)

  3. Great news that the treatments are going well!!! :)

  4. So glad your daughter had an earlier flight without extra cost. Good for you to have that extra time together. I've been thinking of you again today as you continue your treatment.
    We saw a lovely deer in the yard yesterday, but he headed next door before I could get a photo.

    1. Thank you for continuing to think of me, Bushlady. Lucky you to have deer in your yard. Hope they don't eat up too much of your garden, though.


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