Friday, July 29, 2016

Side Effects!

Today, I went for a blood test in the morning.  Got to the lab at 9:40 a.m. and was done with the blood test before 10:00 a.m.  Since I had to be fasting for the blood test, I took a meal replacement drink with me and had that, afterwards.  Then, I drove to the clinic for the radiation treatment, directly, instead of going home and then leaving for the clinic.  I was almost an hour early, but they took me in almost as soon as I got there, which was very nice of them.

Afterwards, I sat in the waiting room to be called in by the nurse.  5 minutes into my wait, the fire alarm went off!  Apparently, they were having a scheduled fire drill and we all had to participate!  I got my exercise for the day climbing flights of stairs (the radiation clinic is in the basement of the building).  After the drill was over, we all went back into the building and I had another short wait before I was called in.  The nurse took my weight and pressure, etc. and then the radiation oncologist examined me. 

There are some minor side effects:  the skin on that side has a slight pink color now, and there is some swelling.  The nurse asked if I've noticed if that area is warmer to the touch and when I said yes, said to wring out a wash cloth with cold water and use it as a cold compress.  She also gave me some sample sized tubes of an ointment to use, twice a day, once after the treatment and once before going to bed.  The doctor asked if I was experiencing any pain or if the area was tender to the touch and I said no.  So, treatment will continue without any delays.  I feel blessed that my side effects to date have been so minor and without any discomfort. 

After that, I came home, had lunch, checked and responded to emails including a couple of work emails (even though I am officially on vacation today and tomorrow), and took an afternoon nap.

Later in the evening, I video chatted with my daughter, watched some TV, and did a bit of decluttering:

Decluttering for July 25
10 books
1 broken fly swatter
2 sets of 4 sewing cards
1 bag of yarn and other craft supplies
1 gravy boat
1 reading light
1 artificial flower arrangement
5 gift bags
2 food containers
= 25 items

I've decluttered 325 items so far in July.  I am three days behind, but hope to catch up!

Today, I am grateful for:

- Pleasant clinic workers who accommodate me even when I show up an hour early, if their schedule allows it.
- Side effects that are relatively minor and pain-free.
- Free ointment samples.
- Afternoon naps.
- Video chatting with daughter.

Friday's to do list includes:
- Dr's appt. with oncologist & hydration session
- Radiation treatment
- Pay bills
- Decluttering

How was your day?  What have you planned for Friday?


  1. It was bound to happen at some point, I'm glad they caught it early for you and that you got some free samples to deal with it. So you won't be using that aloe lotion anymore?

    My FIL had very swollen and painful legs and was complaining about it but the doctors didn't know what was causing it. Then he started bleeding. They finally realized that the immunotherapy was causing the swelling and the bleeding! He's still undergoing the sessions but they've given him an ointment, which, apparently, has greatly helped.

    Good job, as always, on your decluttering. Is your house starting to feel a little "lighter" now? Do you walk around and marvel at how much more space you have now? Or was it all in closets and drawers so you're not "seeing" the results just yet?

    1. So sorry to hear your FIL was having such severe side effects from the immunotherapy. Glad they gave him an ointment to help with it.

      I am going to use the ointment they gave and keep the aloe gel to use elsewhere.

      Most of the items I've decluttered have been in closets and drawers, so out of sight. The books were on shelves, of course. Some spaces have opened up a little, but there is still a lot of visual clutter. I just have to keep at it. :)

  2. What a workout you got during the fire drill! It's really wonderful that your treatment side effects have been minimal so far. Wishing you a nice ... and cooler ... weekend!

    1. I was glad I was wearing flat shoes! :D Yes, I've been lucky where the side effects are concerned. Thanks for the wishes for a cooler weekend.

  3. So glad to hear that your side effects are minimum and more importantly not causing you any bother - that truly is something to be grateful for.

    Not sure I'd have been able to climb a lot of stairs in the fire drill exercise, mind you if real flames had been licking my behind I'm sure I'd have found the ability from deep within haha. xx

    1. Yes, I'm so thankful that the side effects aren't painful.

      I'm sure you'll manage the stairs just fine if there is a real emergency and the adrenaline kicks in! :)


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