Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday in Review

Today has been a relatively quiet day.  I went for my radiation treatment in the morning; again, it went very well, there was no delay, I didn't feel anything during the treatment or afterwards.  I did apply some of the aloe vera gel after I came home, simply because I had it on hand. 

I had a couple of emails from my supervisor, regarding work.  I am to stop working on one project until payment on a delinquent account has been made by the client.  And I was asked if I could work on a new project.  I appreciate how my supervisor asks if I have the time to work on a new project instead of just assigning it to me.  I responded to both emails and clarified project priorities (I had been assigned another new project to work on, just last week; wanted to know which new project to start on first).  Spent the afternoon and part of the evening working on office work.

Still later in the evening, I emptied the waste baskets and kitchen trash, took the recycling out, and took the big trash bins to the curb for pick up tomorrow morning.  Washed the few dishes that had collected in the sink.  Video chatted with my daughter.

Today's decluttering:

July 11 Decluttering
"On the eleventh day of July Bless did declutter
eleven other books"

Yes, the supply of books seem endless!  There are several shelves, all crammed with books!

By the way, be ready to sing through all the verses to date of the decluttering song, tomorrow!  :D

Today, I am grateful for:

- Daughter calling to wish me a good morning.  :)
- A safe commute to the clinic and back.
- The treatment went well; no side effects as yet; I'm feeling fine.
- A new project to work on; having enough work that I can do from home during my treatment.
- Video chatting with daughter.

Plans for tomorrow include another radiation treatment, more office work, watering the front garden, maybe putting gas to the car, maybe doing a load of laundry,  and more decluttering, of course.

Hope you have all had a lovely day and a good start to your week.  What have you planned for tomorrow?



  1. Hi BLess.
    Looking forward to the de-cluttering song

    Proud your supervisor is so easy to work with.. That is a blessing for sure. and you are a good worker.

    I am de-cluttering today also.. I found some books/magazines and decided to donate. I haven't read or looked at them, in a long time.. So time to go.

    I have a very busy /productive day.. I went grocery shopping early am. [to beat the heat;] Came home, put them a way. Did 2 loads of laundry and hung one on the line to dry.. and put the other on in the dryer.. Fixed us a sandwich for lunch. Put some turnip greens and fresh peas on for supper..
    Now.. its time for a break. smile.
    ps.. Found blueberries for 99 cents a pint, the store was too far , for me to go to.. So I comp ad them at Wal mart. I bought 5 pints, going to make a blueberry crunch dessert and put the rest in the freezer.

    1. Judy, you have had a very busy and productive day, indeed! Yum, blueberries! That's a good price for them. The dessert sounds delicious and you can make blueberry muffins and pancakes, etc., with the berries you freeze.

  2. You had a very productive day! You are amazing :)

    1. Thank you, Nathalie. "Amazing Bless"...I rather like how that sounds! :D


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