Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Twenty Percent Done!

Today, I had my 6th radiation treatment.  I am 20 percent done, already! 

I did some office work for a couple of hours before I left for my treatment and for the rest of the afternoon when I returned from my treatment.  I was able to finish work on my current project and send it in, as promised, by the end of the work day, today. 

In the evening, I did a little crocheting on the rag rug, went for a walk, put away the laundry from yesterday, wrote an email to a friend, and video chatted with daughter. 

Today's decluttering:

July 13 Decluttering
13 books, note books, and memo pads.

Today, I am grateful for:
- Being 20 percent done with my radiation treatments.
- No side effects so far.
- Safe drives to the clinic and back.
- Getting my office work done on time.
- Friends who care about my health, if I am eating properly, getting enough exercise, etc.

How was your day, today? 


  1. I'm really glad your treatment is going well. x

    1. Thank you, Lyssa. It truly is a blessing. :)

  2. Twenty percent done! And so far no side effects. That is so encouraging. My goodness you are racing through this time, after all those two dreadful long bouts of chemo. We'll all keep up the prayers and loving thoughts to see you to the finishing line!

    We are away from home enjoying the beauty of the Ontario countryside and yesterday we stayed close to the first Polish settlement in Canada, where Pope John Paul II visited when he was alive. We ate at a Polish tavern and explored some of the history of the area. Now we are at a maple syrup conference, where we can always learn something new, and today we had speakers from Quebec and Vermont.

    1. Bushlady, yes, the treatment is going quickly and well, so far. Thank you for the prayers.

      Enjoy the rest of your trip and safe travels.

  3. Prayers for you to get well soon.


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