Sunday, July 31, 2016

Saturday: Family Visits and Decluttering

I cooled down the house to 82F last night (by keeping the windows open till past midnight) and it was still 82F when I woke up.  So the morning was comfortable.  I didn't feel like going out to do grocery shopping, though, so I spent the morning playing on the computer, watching TV (lots of sewing, knitting, and cooking shows on Saturdays), doing a bit of decluttering, etc.  One of my neighbors called in the morning and I had an email from one of my cousins.

Today, I decluttered 27 items for July 27:

27 Items for July 27
7 unopened printer ink cartridges for printer I decluttered
1 pair of goggles from daughter's science lab in undergrad chemistry class
2 user manuals
1 roll of dried up packing tape
2 flower pens that I had made
1 dried out permanent marker pen
5 bags of 10 assorted pens each
1 pile of assorted erasers
4 gift bags
1 empty box some stationery came in
1 cloth bag
1 "bead" necklace (the "beads" are some sort of seed)
= 27 items

378 items decluttered so far. 

I am so far behind with the decluttering, I've half a mind to count the 5 bags of 10 pens as 50 pens,  but that would be taking the easy way out, wouldn't it?  I feel that the flower pens and the dried out marker are the only ones I can count individually.

In the process of decluttering, I sorted through and organized the wicker chest in which I store my gift wrap, gift bags, possible future holiday gifts, etc.  Something I had been wanting to do for a long time.  The wicker chest is starting to fall apart.  I would like to find another spot for the gift wrap, etc.  and get rid of the chest.  But it is one of Dancer's favorite napping spots and will remain in place for the time being.

Around 4:30 p.m., I put on the a/c in the bedroom and went in there with my laptop.   Dancer soon joined me and took a nap on the bed, enjoying the coolness of the room!

I had planned to do more decluttering in the evening, but one of my aunts and cousins came over for a visit and I invited them to stay to dinner.  It was a snack dinner of rice, lentil (dhal) curry, and canned fish as aunt declined my offer of chicken curry or pork chops.  I served some of my homemade tomato chutney, as well.  After dinner, we sat around and chatted, so I didn't have time to declutter.  In any case, I'd rather visit and chat with my aunt and cousin than declutter!  :D

Today, I am grateful for:  
- Aunt and cousin visiting
- Being able to make a quick dinner (in the 20 minutes it took for the rice to cook) with what I had in my pantry
- Cooler mornings and evenings
- Video chatting with daughter
- Phone calls and emails from friends and family

What are your favorite "pantry" meals to prepare with stuff you have on hand?  


  1. Have to keep it for Dancer. Kitties are spoiled :)

    1. Well, he certainly is! The top of the chest is starting to break and I'm afraid that one of these days, he'll fall through it into the chest!

  2. Perhaps decluttering is putting an emotional strain on you because it's focused on the past whereas you're at the end of your treatment, almost ready to go back to work at the office, and it's time to look forward. August 1st is tomorrow so focus forward on your goals. If you're like me, de-cluttering can become a way of trying to gain control over your life, which is fine and necessary, but focusing on your goals and the future might give you more hope. Decluttering can be worked into your normal schedule when you're back into your normal life. Just focus on re-establishing your normal routines.

    1. Thank you, Marylynn. Decluttering doesn't come easily to me. My natural tendency is to keep my stuff! It's like exercising - you know you should because it is good for you, but it is hard to actually do! :)

  3. Whatever you do, don't mess with a cat's sleeping habits. I am in awe of your determination to declutter, and respect your courage in treatment, but no-one can manage a cat who is outraged about their sleep spot. Cats take evil revenge. Have a look at some of these - but only if you are braced for a lot of cat pictures and it's not suitable for work or nervous dispositions x

    1. LOL, Lyssa! I only looked at the first 20, but loved those pictures! :D As I mentioned in my reply to Jess, above, the top of the wicker chest is broken - it's a rather flimsy chest, made more for decorative purposes and never meant to bear the weight of a 16 lb. cat! I'm afraid he'll fall into the chest one of these days and be trapped there while I am at work!

  4. Sounds like you had a nice Saturday with just the right amount of relaxation, productivity, and socialization! Hope your Sunday was nice too.

    1. It was, Nathalie. Thank you! Hope you had a good weekend, too.

  5. Proud you had a nice Saturday.. Doing a great job on the decluttering.

    1. Thank you, Judy. Hope you had a good weekend, too.

  6. Bless, one of my favourite quick and easy meals is to take some frozen Asian stirfry veggies, and some unsalted roasted cashews and use a little bottled stirfry sauce when the veggies are cooked, and make up a pan of rice. I do occasionally add some chopped mushrooms to the stirfry veggies, and a little chopped fresh ginger.

    1. Bushlady, that sounds delicious! I should buy a packet of frozen stirfry vegetables and try that!


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